Chapter twenty five

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  Maddi's point of veiw 

      I opened my eyes slightly and kicked my legs. No light was shining through the closed curtains, and her large spacious room was completely dark, so It couldn't be morning yet. I sat up and yawned, searching the couch for Violet. She wasn't there. I looked down and saw her blanket on the floor. She probably moved in the night, as I have been known to kick..

       "Violet," I said, my voice scratchy and hoarse. No answer. "Violet," I repeated, slightly louder. She still didn't answer. "God damnit.." I muttered, lwering my foot to the ground. I kicked the floor, expecting to feel her body, but i didn't feel anything. "you there?" I asked cautiously, and stood up. 

     "Violet, this Isn't funny.." I said, my voice a little nervous by that point. I walked slowly around the living room, looking for her. I peeked out the window and into her drive way. No cars. so her parents weren't home. 

    I walked slowly into the hallway, my back facing the wall. "If anyones here.. come out.." I tried to speak up, my voice came out trembling. I started making my way into the kitchen, pausing by the door. The lights were on the other side of the large room, and I would have to go through the whole thing in the dark..

     Man up, Maddi. No ones in there. I thought to myself. I took a deep breath, and opened the door quickly. I felt my eyes squeeze tight, waiting for something, but i didn't hear anything. I popped one eye open, and then another. I gave a relieved smile and walked into the room. 

    Nothing to worry about. Just make it to the light switch. I started feeling my way around the tables, bumping my side into things and tripping over chairs and stools. I think I made it halfway across when I saw something move in the corner of the room.

   "Hello?" My voice trembled. 

    Another movement.

    My heart stopped.

   "Violet.. This isn't funny.."

   The sound of a glass breaking.

   "Who ever you are.. Get out!" I was barely audible.

   Clash. more dishes.

   "Please!" My back hit the wall.

    The noise stopped. I heard their breathing in sync with mine. They took one step forward. And then another. And they stopped right in front of my face. I could make out the muscular face shape, the nose length. definitely a male. No older than my age. I felt his breath on my face, smelling solely of beer and some sort of mint tabacco product. I tried to back up more, but he caught me by my throat. 

   "Bad girls dont get to leave." He said, his voice a whisper. He pulled out what made the outline of a knife, and held it softly to my neck. 

   He chuckled softly. "Don't worry.. This will just hurt a lot." I squeezed my eyes closed, and balled my fists as her dragged the knife up into my jawline. I felt a tiny bit of blood trickle as my eyes watered and soon began tearing. 

   "I was hoping for only you to be home.. I know you would keep you wouldn't put up a fight like the rest." I felt the smirk in his voice. I braced myself for him to jab it in, when suddenly I heard the front door open.

   "Maddi.. It's violet. I went for a walk." Her voice echoed. The man in front of me lost color in his face,  and dropped the knife. He let go of the grasp on my neck, and ran upstairs. I started gasping for breath, and slid against the wall, unable to think clearly. My head was spinning. Violet rushed in, and saw me there, her jaw dropping. But I knew exactly what she was thinking.

   "He was here.."

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