Chapter nine

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(sorry for the short chapter! but we didn't forget about all of you! xoxo, kara.)


    After Rylie left to go in another room, i continued yelling at Bellie. I honestly didn't know what i was saying, everything was just coming out. But i could tell she was scared, she was just standing there, eyes wide open. She looked like she was about to cry. And i'm going to tell the truth here- i honestly would have gotten a kick out of it if she did cry.

    "You're such a bitch, none of us even like you, not even Dade. He was only going to have sex with you because you're an easy slut." None of which true, though. Yeah, i lied ocasionally. But Bellie did something wrong, and she deserved to be hurt. Even if i made it up.

    But, lets be real here, she wasn't a bitch. I was actually known for being a bitch in this little group. But i decided, if your being called a bitch by the queen bitch, it really means you're terrible. And yeah, i was a bitch. And most of the time i don't mind it. But you know, it would be nice to be known for something else every once in a while

    Right as i said that, Bellie broke down, and tears spilled out of her eyes, thus proving my point of me being a huge bitch. Okay, so this wasn't the feeling i wanted. I should feel happy, happy that she finally understood what she did- but i didn't. i felt crappy for making her cry. So when she ran away, i followed her.

    And believe me- running in the freezing cold at 2:00 in the morning is no picnic.

    "Bellie, wait." I said, although she wasn't going to wait. i think its funny, how in movies everyone always says "Wait," or "Come back," like they're actually going to stop. Then again, my life is becoming more like a movie than anything else right now. A really bad horror movie.

    And as i suspected, she continued to run. She ran until she got to the ends of the house, and stopped dead cold, making me slam into her back.

    "What the fuck, Bellie?!" I asked, angry that my almost numb face was now completely senseless. But she didn't answer, she stayed frozen in her position, staring at the wall in front of her. I took the unlit match from her hand, and struck it against the little container. and with that, i heard the sizzle of it, and the light began glowing, revealing what Bellie was staring at.

    She let out a high pitched scream, which is what i would do if i could move.
    This couldn't be right, how did this even happen? who the fuck did this?! I heard Dade, Maddi, and Rylie com running. they stopped behind me, now also staring at the slowly dimming match. i felt my heart speed up, and words that i wanted to say got stuck in my throat. This paranoia physically hurt me.
    I heard Dade talk first.

    "how did Ashlinn's body get in here?" No one answered, because, well, no one knew. Dade had burried it on the night she died, Rylie had said the grave was maybe ten feet underground. First, even if Ashlinn was alive when we burried her, she wouldn't have been able to crawl out of ten feet of dirt. Second of all, who dug her up?

    Her body was just laying there, frozen solid on the floor of the buliding. Her eyes were open, wide open. It was like she was waiting for us, waiting for one of us to confess who did this to her. But she wasn't the only one waiting.

"Alright, who the fuck did this?" Maddi asked, her voice scared. She was always scared. it pissed me off.

    When no one answered her question, we all just stared around a little bit longer. After what seemed like an hour, but was probably only minutes, Rylie spoke.

"I think it was Dade."

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