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 Dade sat in the chair at his kitchen, looking down at his phone. Rylie's birthday was coming up, so he and Violet made plans to go to her grave, although Violet being  Violet, didn't want her boyfriend of three years to visit his deceased ex girlfriend.

            He looked up at her getting ready in the hall mirror and smiled. They lived in a little apartment off campus, where they both went to college. Dade was studying to be a cop. He had never quite shook the feeling of that sophomore year, so he vowed he would make it right again, somehow. And that was by stopping things like this happening in the future.

"Babe?" Violet asked from the hall, as he moved his eyes to his. "This shirt okay?"

            He stood up and walked over to the girl, wrapping his arms around her waist slyly. "You look beautiful," He whispered, planting a kiss on her temple. "I'm going to be fixing the bathroom sink today, baby. Don't worry, your ring will be out of the drain in no time." He joked lightly, kissing her now bare ring finger.

She smiled. "But don't worry, you'll have a wedding ring on it soon anyway." 

She slinked her arms around his neck, leaning in close to him. "Soon?" She asked, a sly smile on her face. "Two or three years, max. My finger feels naked, so you better get on getting that for me," she winked.

He chuckled, adding "I'll see what I can do."

Violet kissed him, pulling away slowly. "Class ends in a few hours. Then dinner?"

"Of course. Bye, baby," He said pecking her lips, and then she walked out and closed the door.

He locked it after her, always just a tiny bit nervous. He made his way to the kitchen, closing the door and getting down to fix it.

He was about an hour in, the pipes all laid out on the floor. He sat up slightly when he heard the door open, then close. 

"Babe?" He called out, not bothering to stop working.

When no one answered, he figured Violet forgot her books. He couldn't help but smile to himself. She was so adorable. He heard the door close again, so he decided to take a break. He wiped the gross drain stuff on his pants, and walked into his bedroom, calling Violet on the phone. After a few rings, she picked up. 

"Baby? I can't talk; I'm in the middle of class."

Dade's eyebrows furrowed. "Already? You just left here a few minutes ago. 

"Dade, I left an hour ago."

"No.. You just came back." He said, insisting she did. His eyes then widened.

"Someone was in the apartment.." Dade said, and he dropped the phone to ground. There, on his bed, sat a little note. He picked it up with trembling fingers, and read the familiar words.

Who do you have? 

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