Chapter fifteen

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 Dade's point of veiw.

I woke up, and i was in a small little white room. A room that had one big window opening up to a brick wall, a small little tv that was currently on the news channel, and a small little chair that was some sort of beige color, although you could argue that it’s off white.

What? oh, right. where am i? I quickly sat up, and saw the door slam open, with three girls running to me. I saw Violet, Bellie, and Maddi. But not the girl i wanted to see.. Where’s Rylie? 

They all looked worried, and i furrowed my eyebrows. “Why am I in here?”  I asked, wincing, noticing that i got a sharp pain in my head when i spoke. “You.. you tried to kill yourself..” Violet said, her voice brimming with tears. I tried to kill myself? was i that stupid? I didn’t understand. at this moment, i had so many questions that needed to be answered, or heads would roll.

“Why did i try to kill myself?” I asked carefully, seeing as Maddi had been crying, and looked worried sick, and Bellie’s face was a ghost pale. Almost the same color as the chair. Was I on pills? i kept getting really off topic, until i heard Maddi open her mouth to speak.

“You did it because Rylie died.. Don’t you remember?”

And in that moment, i felt my heart break. No. No. She couldn’t be dead. i loved her, so much more than anyone. How could she be dead? The game. The fucking game! someone killed her. one of them killed her, and i was not going to let which ever one of these bitches get away with it. Blood pooled to my face, and i could feel it getting red with anger. “who did it!?” I yelled, louder than i expected. But i couldn’t help it, some psychotic bitch killed her! My body was shaking now, and my vision was blurred. “Which one of you fucking killed her!?” I screamed, causing the hallway to stir. Their faces all went guilty, and non of them made eye contact with me. Did they all do it? Then, Violet looked at me.

“Dade, you killed her..”

And i felt the flood of memories come to me.

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