Can Of Worms

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Previously on Ninjago:
"I'll be your friend," Pythor said, making Lloyd smile. He should've known that Pythor was gonna betray him, he should've known that (y/n) was his best friend, not Pythor himself.

The green ninja and yellow ninja connected hand in hand, intertwining. They both spun around and around, and around. They turned into a tornado, a mix of green, with flakes of yellow.

"The yellow and green ninja! The legend is true!!"
Zane said admirably.

Lloyd, (y/n), Jay, and Pythor were on the roof of the tall school. Pythor grabbed the map leading the serpentine's tomb from Lloyd's pockets.

"Wait! I thought we were friends!" Lloyd said feeling betrayed more than ever now. That's one thing that (y/n) and Lloyd have in common. They both rather an enemy stabs them in the chest, than a friend who secretly stabs you in the back. Pythor was one of them.

"All you wanted was to make the serpentine your slave!" Pythor shouted, about to push Lloyd off the roof. (Y/n) ran and took the push, falling off of the school, Lloyd jumping behind her saving her. They soon dropped onto the Bounty safe and sound.

"What were you thinking!!!!??" Sensei yelled at Lloyd.

"What are you going to do?" Jay asked.

"I know exactly what we must do," Sensei said.

The ninja looked at the sleeping kids, holding their hands, facing each other, breathing softly, and smiling happily.

It was an early morning at 10:00 so she opened her eyes slowly, she saw a messed up part of the blanket sheets, meaning Lloyd woke up and is around the bounty somewhere. She smiled and sat up drowsily. She lifted up the blanket and folded it in half, making the bed for tonight. She went out of the room and explored every nook and cranny of the place she will be staying in. She marveled of how a ship could be so pretty. Cole must've seen her lurking around,

"Ninja just don't fight, they clean," he said, walking into the kitchen. She took a note of that. They do seem pretty nice, she thought. It's really hard to see a person's heart and eyes. (Y/n) can notice it though, one of her talents. She walked more, each step was creaking the floorboard. She soon saw a door that seemed noisy. She opened it and she saw the blue ninja, fighting a robot of some kind. She looked at the screen in the middle of the robot. It had the number nine. Judging from the other parts that are coming off, somebody sabotaged it.

"Quickly! (Y/n) get away from the robot!" Jay said panicky.

"Who did this?" (Y/n) asked worriedly.

"Zane did, Lloyd said he did a few tweaks on it, that's my expertise!! My forte!!!!" Jay shouted angrily. They didn't notice Lloyd coming down with Kai's red ninja suit, smirking. He saw (y/n) with Jay trying to get close to the robot to fix it. He went closer to the group until he saw that the robot was raising his nunchucks and sword at both (y/n) who was on the left of the robot and Jay who was on the right side. Lloyd dropped Kai's gi and sprinted toward (y/n) she braced herself and closed her eyes. She suddenly got tackled out of the robot's range area by something warm. She opened her eyes and saw Lloyd staring at her. She tried moving her arms and legs, but Lloyd was laying on top of her. They both blushed for a minute and a half. She suddenly heard the gears of the robot, knocking her back on her senses. She coughed.

"Lloyd, thanks for rescuing me, but can you get off now?" She asked him, causing him to blush more. He had his hoodie, so she didn't notice.


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