The Green Ninja

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Previously On Ninjago:

A venomari and a fang pyre marched forward with Lloyd wrapped in chains. The fang pyre snake dropped his chains setting Lloyd free. Lloyd stepped out of the chains and looked at his hands.
"Woah! You're letting me go?!" Lloyd asked disbelievingly. "No." Pythor smiled, his face emitted darkness and malice.

"I'm back." Garmadon said, cackling as thunder rolled around the corner of Ninjago.

"I wouldn't want you to miss our big showstopper!" Pythor yelled as a huge heap of objects fell over (Y/n), Cole's dad, and Cole.

"They took the fangblade!" Jay coughed. Cole felt jagged, the pressure felt as if it was collapsed, but it held great power as he lifted up some objects and threw them across the room.

"Cole has unlocked his true potential." Zane observed, looking at Cole.

"(Y/n)!" Jay yelled as he picked her up and analyzed the rocky pillar she made.

"We agree to not tell her she has powers?"

"No telling."

Danger lurks around the corners, surrounding itself in darkness waiting for the perfect time to strike, like a snake ready to sink it's teeth in it's prey. The corners of the room was emitted with full time darkness, as if anything can leap and strike their target with ease.

He looked around cautiously, his ears on alert as he opened the cabinet that held the green and yellow ninja's gi.

The sound of a scythe filled the Bounty as he looked at the uniforms. The more he looked at it, the more he wanted to take it for his own.

The deck of the Bounty gave off the eerie silence of the night above, the stars nowhere to be seen. Cole was on the deck his scythe swinging freely at his side. The golden feel to it seemed to radiate in the night making it more dazzling than it was.

A shadow figure walked toward Cole, his arms on guard, his smile gave off shivers to those that gaze upon it.

"Earth!" He yelled as he swung at the ground, the scythe digging into the ground causing a tremor to pause the shadow figure in his footsteps.

Jay spun around, swinging his nun chucks, training to his upmost potential. He jumped, spinning in midair as he turned into a tornado.

"Lightning!" He shouted, confidant about his skills as he hit the figure after.

The person put on the green gi, the yellow belt from the yellow uniform wore at his waist, kicking and punching as he tested it out. He did a back flip on the table, yelling as he threw his punches in the air.

Shurikens pierced the misty air coming back to the owner. Zane narrowed his eyes as he focused on his target.The target seemed closer as Zane loudly said, "Ice!".

He threw his Shurikens not even looking at the target and sure enough hit it spot on. The ice climbed onto the body trapping it's legs ad body whole.

A cry was sounded from the green gi wearer as he punched air.

A bright light emitted from the top of the deck revealing to be Nya and (Y/n) controlling a spotlight that illuminated the night up above.

"Good training guys." Nya praised as everybody put their weapons to rest.

"Your powers are getting stronger." Nya looked around. "But where's Kai?"

The clock in the room sounded as Kai, the person who wore the green gi with a yellow belt, back flipped and punching more in the air, basking in the glory.

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