Tick Tock

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"​Previously On Ninjago:

"Bow to your master!" Pythor yelled sending the snakes to bow and cheer for their new master in the City of Ouroboros.

"Why can't anyone play fair?!" Jay yelled as the ninja and the samurai fell back and hanging barely to escape their fall off the ledge.

"Hold on to my exo-suit," the deep voiced samurai said as they hopped on his back for dear life as they rocketed into the air.

"I can't believe he saved us!" Cole admired.

"You're the samurai?!" Kai said bewildered that his sister, Nya, was behind the identity of the samurai. She nervously scratched the back of her head and half smiled.

"Girl power," Nya punched her brother on the shoulder playfully as he rubbed where she punched him. She handed (Y/n) to Kai.

"We're going to have to rescue Lloyd another day," Nya said.

(Y/n) was leaning on the balcony on the upper deck of the bounty. She was confused on why the stars weren't glowing brightly today, and wondered if her best friend, Lloyd was looking at them too.

Lloyd was being carried in a cage as the serpentine made their way to the Constrictai's tomb to find out more answers to reawaken the Great Devourer. He looked at the stars, how they shined dull and colorless. He was wondering why they're not shining brightly today, and if his best friend (Y/n) was looking at them too.


Gears were spinning, as if in perfect sync together. Faint noises of a clock ticking was heard echoing throughout the clock. The clock was held in Kai's name, surrounded by three ninja. Jay, Cole, and Kai were looking to to the clock and back into the ocean where the Bounty was parked nicely in the ocean, which (Y/n) loved to be out of the air for a while, if Lloyd was there with her.

"​Woah!" Cole said as he was peering down into the ocean.

"He broke the record! The guy's inhuman!" Kai said unbelievably looking at the timer and back into the ocean. Zane swam up, catching his breath. He swam for a few seconds and smiled at his brothers.

"Did I break the record?" Zane said smiling and paddling to keep himself afloat.

"You destroyed it!" Kai shouted admirably pointing to the timer.

"We are not worthy," Jay said bowing down repeatedly. Zane got up to the bounty ready to dry off. He looked around for a while.

"Where's (y/n)?" Zane asked. The ninja looked at one another before looking at (Y/n) who happened to be peering down into the ocean, off into space.

"It's best she was alone right now. She's been through a lot yesterday. After all, that's what we do if we lost one another, am I right?" Cole asked pushing them inside the Bounty. They nodded and headed back inside to talk about their potential, but (Y/n) didn't care. She gazed into the water as she saw her reflection. Her head was leaning on her hands as they supported her head. A silver single tear escaped from her eye and went in the ocean. She didn't notice, she focused more on when she was with Lloyd. They were friends, best friends. They were never separated, and she wasn't ready to be separated now. Not when she needed him the most, when their world is in peril. She left, thinking that she didn't need to mourn about it all day. Lloyd would've never wanted her to do that, and she knew that.

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