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Previously on Ninjago:
"No, I control you now!!," Lloyd said in a evil tone, saying the word 'you' a bit louder and more demonic. (y/n) was terrified of having an army of snakes, but if it made Lloyd happy, she went along with it. Her heart was as clear as silver, nothing can tarnish it, unlike gold, it's never fooled, but can easily be broken down in the wrong path.

"Garmadon is back, he's in Jumanaki village!!" Sensei exclaimed. The ninja quickly went on their elemental dragons and sailed off as fast as they can to the troubled village.

"Aw what?! I thought we were going to face Lord Garmadon, not---" Kai began.

"His son," Cole said, with a blinking red to black eyes, like he got controlled by a serpentine.

Sensei's voice echoed, "None of you have what it takes to be either of the green or yellow ninja."
Kai dropped his sword and fire began to spread all over.

"So, Lloyd likes this girl?" Sensei said in disbelief.

"Maybe so Sensei," Nya said mysteriously and whispered silently, "Maybe so..."


Sensei looked up and opened his eyes instantaneously. He heard loud fighting noises, shouting battle position names, he assumed it was the ninja.
He put away a mysterious flute away back in its original position, right in the cabinet.

"Dragon Spin!!" Sensei heard.

"Your playing that way huh? Take this as 1 on 1!!!,"

"Oh yeah?! Take this!!!" Jay cried.

"Come fight me fire breath!!"

"Monkey Paw Punch to the head!!" Cole shouted throughout the monastery.

Sensei sighed dissapointedly and walked to the room with the video games. He waited a moment before he saw the disappointed sight in less than a minute. He threw open the door, but the sight surprised him entirely. The whole room was completely deserted, no ninja, just a few video games and the regular TV, turned off for once. He slowly trudged to the door to the battlefield. Once again he was baffled, there were the ninja, training just like they promised. Kai was practicing spinjitzu, spinning around and dodging the moving sticks that are sprouting from the ground. Jay was practicing his nunchucks and doing battle positions, making occasional battle noises here and there. Zane was meditating peacefully with his shurikens side by side in his hands. Cole was doing his daily running around the obstacle circle, dodging all the wooden dummies, and slicing them, only for them to come back up again. Sensei was proud of them and looked around at what he has done so far to help these ninja fight for the better.
Suddenly, Zane opened his eyes and dropped his shurikens on the floor. He backflipped and went to Jay's personal space, and backflipped again to Cole, stealing his scythe and cutting the wooden dummies, and shouted, "NINJA GO!" He turned into an ice tornado, truing most of the ground into pure ice. Kai interrupted his tornado by slipping on Zane's ice and fell to the ground with a loud grunting noise. Cole, Zane, and Kai went together as a group and looked at their strange brother.

"This roof isn't big enough four of us." Kai said.

"Correction, the roof isn't big for him." Cole said, emphasizing the word him.

"It's like he's in his own world," Jay said. "I bet he can't even hear us!" Jay said a little louder hoping Zane would hear, but to no avail. They watched him throw his shuriken into the obstacle circle and doing a roundhouse kick. Sensei slowly walked up to the trio.

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