Rise Of The Snakes

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Long ago, before time had a name, there was the first spinjitzu master, who used the four golden weapons, the Nunchunks Of Lightning, the Sword of Flames, The Shurikens of Ice, and the Scythe Of Quakes, to create Ninjago. But, a dark figure came and sought out to gain the power of these golden weapons, Lord Garmadon. So Sensei Wu, his brother, sought out to find the four ninja to collect them first.

(Y/n) was beside Lloyd, her childhood friend, in Jamanaki Village. They were browsing through the village like everyday wanderers. (Y/n) was holding hands with Lloyd through the village, she could see a lot of people holding hands as well, but with a boy and girl. She blushed very red at the thought of Lloyd and her as.....something more. But, Lloyd being the little kid he was, never noticed it, but (Y/n) thought wrong. Lloyd did notice it, but he wanted to keep it longer, he wasn't the type to blush so easily, even if he did blush, his hoodie would've covered it, leaving (Y/n) still clueless and wondering if she should let go of her hands intertwining or not. This wasn't a casual walk through it though. (Y/n) hoped it was, but sadly her judgement was mistaken poorly. Lloyd looked around the vendors with a frown on his face. He wanted to prove to Ninjago that he was a villain, but the other side of him wanted sweets and candy. All these candies were driving him crazy, since there is a candy store usually every 10 feet, and Lloyd was a little happy about that. He didn't have the money, but that didn't stop him at all. It could show the villagers of Jumanaki his villain side. He checked on his friend on the right side of him, still holding each other's hands. He checked her face and wondered what was going on in her little head. (Y/n) was thinking about something Lloyd would never guess. She thought about how she met the young son of Garmadon. How she somehow had the guts to talk to him. And to her surprise, he talked back.
(Y/n) lost his intrest and candy overtook it. He suddenly went back to his plan, showing his villain side and grabbing old sweet candy. He grabbed his 'snake in a can' and dragged (Y/n) to he nearest candy vendor.

"I want all your candy, even the ones in stock or else I'll release the serpentine on you!!!!"

(Y/n) wondered if she should take her best friends side, she thought that it was his nature to steal and stuff, but this could get him into serious trouble. Like his dad, he was banished, and she certainly did not want that to happen to Lloyd.
But he won't, because he's got a friend who will not let that happen on her life. She thought about sticking to Lloyd and his side, so that's what she did. She's very shy though, so she was sorta the one who tagged along behind Lloyd or held his hand. Her thoughts got interrupted when her hand was cold, too cold. That means Lloyd let go and was stealing candy. She suddenly got very scared and wandered around for a little bit while trying to find Lloyd.

"Lloyd! Lloyd! Where are you?!"

She searched and found a crowd of angry villagers crowding around the fountain. Lloyd was on the fountain with his can of snakes. She tried to squeeze her way around them, since she was a little girl, she had no trouble.

"Excuse me, coming through, please make some room for me, please."

She stared at Lloyd, looking at his mess of angry villagers holding vegetables, and his five pieces of candy. Lloyd looked angry and menacing up there, or so he thought.

"I want all of Jamanaki village's candy OR I'll unleash the serpentine on you all!!!" Lloyd said with his hands in the air and doing an evil laugh that almost made (y/n) smile, almost. The villagers reacted a way different way. They threw vegetables at Lloyd, hard. Lloyd was trying to dodge them all, but he slipped on a carrot and fell down in the fountain, which made the villagers laugh and (y/n) sorta giggled. Lloyd stood back up angrily, and pointed his finger at the laughing crowd.

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