The Royal Blacksmiths

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Previously On Ninjago

Pythor slid his tail to reveal the first fangblade. "The first fang blade is ours!" Pythor yelled as he held it up for all to see.

"Pythor now has the first fang blade." Cole said looking at his teammates.

"I'm the samurai!" As Pythor took off her helmet to reveal Nya.

"You're the samurai?!" Jay yelled surprised as he began glowing in an electrifying blue quickly stopping the roller coaster that had Nya in chains before it led to certain doom.

"What's happening?" Nya asked disbelievingly as she looked at Jay.

"My true potential." Jay answered.

" changing." (Y/n) said feeling the now electrifying aura around her. She looked at her hands, and it seemed to feel shockingly electrifying.

"The worst is yet to come." Garmadon said deeply, before cackling.

In a desert, shrouded with sand and stone. Looking deeper, a pyramid appeared. The chiseled texture was ancient and the stones were carved into snakes. The tombs were dark until a group of snakes appeared from the corner.
Pythor and the gang slithered forward, the look of malice in their eyes. Skales looked at the map as they continued to move forward deeper into the ancient tomb. Pythor suddenly stopped sending everyone into an aprupt stop except Skales, who was still busy reading the map that he bumped into Pythor.

"Why must we stop when we are so close to the second fangblade?!" Pythor looked at him before looking straight ahead. The road looked crumpled and cracked and now falling into a bottomless pit when Pythor stomped his staff on the path.

"What good is unlocking the Devourer with the four fangblades and we're not around to see it?!" Pythor argued to Skales, who looked ashamed to question his leader skills.

"Bring the boy!" Pythor snarled at Skales who immediately obeyed. "Bring the boy!" Skales yelled at the end of the gang. A venomari and a fang pyre marched forward with Lloyd wrapped in chains. The fangpyre snake dropped his chains setting Lloyd free. Lloyd stepped out of the chains and looked at his hands.

"Woah! You're letting me go?!" Lloyd asked disbelievingly. Pythor forced a chuckle to lead Lloyd to the bottomless pit.

"Only to fetch my dear." Pythor guided to Lloyd at the edge of the crumpled area.

"Do step lightly." Pythor whispered as Lloyd scurried to the edges, careful not to send himself toppling downhill. He then jumped to the other one, gripping to the edge a the tile crumpled beneath him sending him gripping the edge of the rock tightly. He gulped as he looked down and closed his eyes thinking if it was (Y/n) who were to do this. She'd be 10 times afraid due to her fear. He smiled as he thought of her and used his motivation to go forward. he climbed up the edge and looked back at Pythor.

"Bring me the fang blade and I'll let you go." Pythor sneered from the other side. Lloyd sighed as he carried forward. The ground suddenly gave away sending him on a run, making him trip onto the ground.

Spikes started to come down from the ceiling as Lloyd crawled quickly out of the spikes.

"Woah!" Lloyd said as he looked back at the tattered mess. He stood back up and moved forward, secretly thanking that (Y/n) wasn't in his shoes. He didn't know what would happen if (Y/n) was doing this instead of him.

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