Never Trust a Snake

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Previously On Ninjago:

"Will we see them again?" Jay asked.

"It's hard to say," Sensei said. The dragons flew away, one day coming back to its home.

Lloyd and (y/n) were walking to the graveyard opening the fang pyre's tomb, hand in hand.

"It sounds like you know what you want," the general said menacingly.

The metallic robot swung his nun chucks at the running ninja in the junkyard, increasing the chances to get flattened by a tire each time it swings.

Sensei pointed the flute at Lloyd angrily.

"Nephew must I tell you what side you should be on?!"

Jay spun around while the nun chucks were summoning lightning at his side. It transformed into a shocking electrical blue jet that seems to go on astonishing speeds. The ninja with their new vehicles raced to the bounty.

Jay cheered at the special defense system completed. Something that every ninja headquarters needs.

(Y/n) and Lloyd felt more than friends this year and it was rapidly coming to an end, but a year is only 365 days, enough to figure out what is going on between them.

A road led to nowhere in the desert was silent. There was electrical lines between the road. A falcon stood idly there, just looking among the horizon.
The falcon started coming closer and closer, dead silent. It was mysterious until he became really close that he spoke in a deep voice,

"Wake up, Zane. I know where you come from,"

Zane woke up startled, banging his head on the bed above him. He gasped then grunted, he then heard a falcon cry. He walked to the window seeing his mysterious friend there. He turned happy and stepped in the control room. He saw sensei with a map leading to the serpentine tombs.

"The hunt is early today," Zane said happily.

"A watchful eye never sleeps," Sensei advised. Nya appeared out of nowhere in the control room, Zane failed to notice.

"As long as Lloyd and the serpentine roam freely, no one in Ninjago is safe," Nya said sadly. Falcon cries rang through the Bounty.

"Where are the others?" Zane asked.

"Training on the upper deck," Sensei answered. He went out and opened the gate revealing the upper deck. He saw nothing, except a few battle supplies here and there. He walked closer and stood in the middle of the upper deck. There, he was the falcon looking at him expectantly.

"Last time you led me to good fortune. What reason have you returned?" The falcon looked at the side flying there. Zane ran to the edge of the ship waiting for it to come back. He looked confused and rested his hands on the balcony of the ship. Something came up behind slowly, breathing heavily.

"Lord Garmedon," Zane said. "But you were banished,"

"Only to return for the weapons of spinjitsu," Lord Garmedon said taking out his two swords, each razor sharp. "Soon, I will have the power to recreate Ninjago in my own image," Garmedon swung his sword at Zane. Zane backflipped and took out his shurikens of ice.

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