The Yellow Ninja

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Previously On Ninjago:

"The third fang blade is ours!" Pythor yelled triumphantly as the snakes cheered, clapping off the dark feeling passed in the scorching volcano.

"Kai!" Jay yelled as the entrance and only exit out of the volcano was blocked with pointing rocks, daring for anyone to move them. Jumping from rock to rock to reach the platform where (Y/n) and Lloyd were, he looked up at the exit as he ordered them to go near them.

The volcano froze from inside, the once burning air inside that seemed to make everyone uncomfortable was misty and cold. Looking everywhere, the inside was frozen, the lava turning into frozen chunks of red ice. Kai hesitantly touched it, only to feel no heat coming out from the ice.

"My son..." Garmadon trailed, but only to have no words coming out as the ice froze over the volcano, snowflakes nipping his noses and the chilly air making everyone shudder in anticipation.

"I realized that I should be protecting the green ninja." The weapons reacted to Lloyd, the brightness hurting (Y/n)'s eyes. The medallion was ice cold as Cole set up on the table as Lloyd told the ninja he had no clue who the yellow ninja was or its whereabouts.

In all her times with Lloyd, she never seen him so determined, he really has changed. And so did she, but she can't just accept the fact that once he says the last line, her life changes.
She couldn't move, she was stunned. Right here, right now, she just can't, no, will never, accept the fact that--

"You're the yellow ninja."
The city lights shone bright as (Y/n) strolled around Ninjago City in the late night. Police cars sounded through her ears and cars beeped loudly. It would've scared her, but she had a deep look featured on her face, her breathing would turn into mist if her cotton cloth wasn't covering her mouth. Scenes of the night behind warily traveled to her shattered mind, making her close her eyes due to her eyelids falling from the freezing temperature, or the pressure that Lloyd has given her. She stopped as soon as she felt the familiar mixture of tension she had too many times, darted to a dark alley, and felt her back press against the cold concrete of an ordinary building. She checked her hair as it turned into a pale silver, exerting upward slowly as if testing her patience. It was just being the temperature too long, snow drifted on her, countless reasons why the phenomenal activity was happening, but none matched her circumstances. No. .. It was because she was a ninja.

A friend. All she could think of as of the moment was cutting her hair, but with what? She couldn't go back to the Bounty so early already. She already told Sensei that she was taking a break from all the conflicts happening, and he'll definitely realize her change of color, pace, and emotions. Her breathing quickened, and her heart beat loudly through her ears. She didn't want this fate, she just wanted a normal life. What was she thinking? Was this all Lloyd's fault?

Her lungs hitched, her breathing stopped momentarily. Eyes widening, she refused to believe such nonsense. But the more she pieced it together, the more it seemed to be true. His past, his motives, the way he just 'dumps' the word 'Yellow Ninja', on her so carelessly. She gripped her head, her body slowly pushing itself to the solid ground. Snowflakes danced around the breeze around her, rocks rolling around her, fire coursing through her veins, and feeling an electrifying surge through her body. However, she felt something missing.

Is this how the ninja felt when they felt empty without knowing their obstacle to a true potential? (Y/n) has always been a giver, warm and loving. Even as a child, and still one, she never cried for herself and continued to make others happy. Often, Lloyd was mainly her support. She leaned on him, and he leaned on hers. They told their woes and how they were each other's spark of light. Yet, when a ridiculous responsibility comes up in her path of destiny, her life gets wallowed up in a hurricane of ice, every light that was once turned off turned on. Their light, their dreams, and their future is now rested on a child.

She knew that what Lloyd told her was true. She was a ninja, before he even stated his decision. All but one light offered a skinny fragile of hope, and it just happened to be the one causing her insides to turmoil into a rush of angst and confusion.

With a steady pace back to the Bounty, she walks back with a heavy heart and duty. She couldn't accept it yet, but when times get tough. She looks up. The stars up in the heavens shined upon her, smiling lazily at her. They seemed to wave, so she waved back. She curled her fingers, and let out a big sigh.

Moments later, she stepped onto the Bounty and began walking back in. She passed the meeting with everyone talking about Lloyd's responsibility and misfortune with the upcoming battle with his father. She went back in the room Lloyd and her shared. The humble little adobe that set the whole rising action leading to the climax. Lloyd was sleeping, but with a troubled look on his face. (Y/n) panicked, and started feeling his forehead. His forehead was overheated, she thought as she laid down on the mattress facing him. As her head fell to the ground gently, she extracted her hand and intersected her finger with Lloyd's.

Pale yellow weaves shot out of her hand and tied around Lloyd's arm. (Y/n)'s eyes widened and her hand shot right back to her side. The yellow weaves lit up and exploded into silver sparkles, dissolving once it touched Lloyd's skin. She bit her lip and tried to look for any expressions over what she had just done. Lloyd's face soon relieved the troubles and his expression changed from solemn to trouble-free. (Y/n) let out a relieved sigh, and started to think of the exciting and fun times with the blonde ninja.

Everything up until the moment where Lloyd proclaimed she was the yellow ninja had just been one of the most adventurous roller coaster brought in her life. The whirlwinds of elements circulating through her, the times with Lloyd when it was just them, and the development of what brought them into the present. What a gift. Her lips curled slightly at his sleeping face, but it turned into a frown when reality struck her and she's to also remember the position where he stood under the stars above the Bounty, their world turned on a dime. Now he had responsibilities. And she had hers too.

The fate of the world was the center point in their lives now. The world needs love, nourishment, protection, and the duo of Green and Yellow. There's no more 'them' now, it's 'all'. Times have changed. And she needed to move on from the past. But she couldn't. And when she drifted away into the endless abyss of slumber, she realized, there was a much larger gap between her and Lloyd sleeping than previous times.

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