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Previously on Ninjago:

"What's gotten into him?!" Kai asked, panicked when Cole attacked them with his scythe on the treehouse. Off in the distance they heard the sound of a flute playing. They turned their heads off to the sound and it revealed to be Sensei and Nya on a dragon coming. The flute's music went into Cole's head, and snapped him out of his trance.

"It's about time we did this!!" Skales snapped and pulled the lever down. Lloyd looked under him and shouted when he fell and was put in a cage. "Just be lucky we didn't hypnotize you, with your little friend, we would've done more!"

'The girl is holding me back, she's making me weak, I have to let her go,' Skales thought.

The ninja were quickly on their way to the Monastery because it was unguarded. The dragon heated its wings so it could its fellow dragon comrades too. When they got there, the place was tattered in ruins. The building was no longer there, but some of its wooden planks were scattered, some were even on fire. Flames devoured the remaining parts of the place. Kai picked up a burnt part of the plank. He got angry and crushed it in his fists. He suddenly snapped at Zane,

"If you hadn't had followed the silly bird, none of this would've happened!" Kai fumed.

"You both!!!! Leave and never return!" Skales ordered. (y/n) and Lloyd got out of there to avoid anymore trouble with the Hypnobrai.

"Welcome to our new home," Zane pointed to the ship on the cliff in the middle of nowhere to the ninja. The ninja were excited and they ran to their new home.

It was a sunny morning in the mountains, the birds were tweeting, and it's where the Bounty is. The ninja named the ship The Bounty, which seemed to please the ninja for the hopes of having a great ninja headquarters. Sensei opened the bedroom to the four ninja who were sleeping, well not really peacefully. Sensei began hitting the gong, making the ninja wake up abruptly, more or less.

"Evil doesn't sleep, and you shouldn't either." Sensei yelled to make his words louder than the gong. They groaned at leaving the beds. Kai threw his pillow in his face to drown out the sound. Zane threw the blanket over his head, Jay turned the other way facing the wall, and Cole covered his ears.
Kai finally had enough and got up reluctantly,

"Ok, ok, were up. If you want us to unlock our full potential, don't we need a goodnight's sleep?" Kai yawned and pulled the string on the curtain. The curtain fell and surprised Kai. Cole got up and stretched his back,

"I think my back has more lumps than the mattress." Cole said angrily. Jay walked to the sink and yawned, stretching his arms and grabbing his toothbrush. He turned his back from the sink and faced the ninja, he didn't notice that he sprayed sand on the toothbrush.

"I guess that we spent all night talking about the new ninja headquarters that we forgot to sleep." Jay stuffed the toothbrush into his mouth. He immediately spitted out and wiped his tounge. Zane did some fighting poses,

"What are we going to learn today Sensei? Are we going to learn the sting of scorpion? Or the grace of a-----" Zane gasped and cracked the floor making his waistline and below fall within. The ninja circled him while they looked at Sensei.

"Today you will be doing chores," Sensei said and began to leave the room. The ninja groaned and was disappointed of todays routine already.

"Sensei, ninja fight, they don't clean!" Cole said. The ninja agreed with him entirely.

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