The annoying, hot GYm teacher and me11

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I screamed a little from the drop, and landed in the water. The cold, ice water enveloped me, I felt the burn of the slap from the water. Trying desperately to get up for air, but I couldn't the water was to strong.

Then Darkness took me.

*Cortez point of view-

I screamed her name running to the end of the cliff. I franticly searched the strong currents, for sign of her.

I yelled her name, but it was caught off by the wind.

I felt my heart pounding against my chest. I felt tears start to leak out of my eyes.

I'm crying. Why the hell am I crying for my student? Even though she was the only girl that I started to have feelings about, and felt something when I been inside of her.

I cried out her name, knowing that she couldn't be dead. All I saw was the currents splashing against one another.

She couldn't be dead. I was just talking to her a while ago. Seeing her laugh and smile from our winning.

I felt my legs give out from under me, sending me to my knees. Why did I do that to her?

It pained me when I watch her reaction to the scene I planned.

Ms. Bangs had found out about out fling and threatened to report it. She made a deal with me that she wouldn't report it if I did, what I had just did. I had to keep being Ms. Bangs boyfriend, that was the deal. Ms. Bangs wanted me to break her heart really bad.

I glanced down to the ocean and saw no sign of her.

A sob got wrenched out of me. The truth a knowing in my head. She was dead. Because me.

The one that I knew that I had started to love; was dead.

Even though she was the student and I was her Gym teacher. I still knew I loved her.

I took a painful breath, my chest feeling so tight. I got up and walked slowly unseeing, back toward my stuff.

Images played in my head of the times we had together.

Her running away from me laughing and hiding. Gem coming out of the locker room so many times before we started the fling, not realizing that I was always staring at her with yearning.

The time when we made love.

I grabbed my shirt, put it on and headed towards the councils office to see Serena.

To tell her that Gem was dead.

*Gems point of view-

I opened my heavy eyelids, squinting against the sunlight. My body aching all over. My mouth dry.

I glanced to my side and saw that I was somehow on the beach. How?

Then all the events came rushing back to me. Not finding Cortez, then finding him with Ms. Bangs, running, screaming, the Jump, and Cortez screaming my name.

I squeezed my eyes, trying not to think about it. I tried to sit up but couldn't when my body started to protest in pain. I tried it again, now ignoring it.

I looked around myself, noticing that I wasn't too far from the place where we met for the challenges. I started limping on my way. Dreading to come face-face with now Ex- lover, Cortez.

I was wrong about it being not too far away. It took to bloody long. I climbed over a huge rock and the beach came into sight. It was starting to get really dark out.

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