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The annoying,hot GYm teacher and me

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"Hey Gem! Pass me the ball. Pronto!" I turned around from just tying my hair up, picked up the ball right next to me, and threw it at my gym teacher, Mr. Cortez. He caught the ball, glared at me and went back to coaching the volleyball game.

Asshole, I thought. Even though Mr. Cortez and I didn't get along, doesn't mean I didn't think he was hot.

Black hair, with a little bit a brown in it, goes down to about a little below the chin. Green dark eyes and a muscled type body, he always wore white or black tank tops-with sweats. You could see the 6-pack abs through his shirt when he'd be doing sit-ups. I couldn't help myself for looking.

I really don't know how we started to hate each other, but it just like kind happened. He's 23. As for me, I'm 18. Got black hair with brown steaks in them. I also have gray eyes and a curvy slight tan body.

I walked over to the volleyball game and waited till my team would get in. When we did, I realized we were going against one of the teams that Mr. Cortez was in. Great.

I secured my headband on my head and stretched my arms up in the air. That stunt had my breasts sticking out in the air. I glanced over to my left and saw Cortez looking. When he met my gaze, he glared.

"Gem! Are you like trying to seduce all the guys on our team so your team can win?" He asked sternly. I glanced at him in shock and flipped him off.

He pointed towards the door, "Office now!"

I looked at him amazed." Wow. All I did was lift one little finger and you get all pissed off and send me to the principal's office? Oh hell no!" I said sarcastically, even though I was burning with anger inside.

I turned on my heel and stalked to the office, slamming the gym door before he could say something.

I stalked down the halls, sometimes slamming my fist in random lockers.

"Hey! What the hell are you doing?" A guy's voice yelled behind me. I turned around and saw a tall, blonde haired kid. He looked cute. Like not hot but cute.

"I am taking my anger on the lockers, because my ass of a teacher sent me to the principal's office!" I yelled. He frowned,

"Wait. Who do you have?"

I looked at him, "What?"

He shook his hair out of his face, "What teacher do you have?"

Oh."Mr. Cortez."

He frowned again," Seriously?" He asked, seaming surprised.

"No, I have Brad Piit as my teacher! Who the hell else!" I said sarcastically.

"Well...It's just he is like, my favorite teacher. He's nice to everyone. It surprises me that he hates you." He said, shaking his head.

"Well, when he and I are in the same room a war literally starts." I said dryly.

"Interesting." He said.

I turned around and headed back to the office and heard him call,

"What's your name?" He yelled. I turned and started walking backwards,

"Gem!" I yelled back, and turned back around.

Turns out I got detention for a week. It only gets worse. Mr. Cortez is going to be supervising it for a week. Ugh!

I was actually heading there right now. Glancing at my cell phone, said that I was 5 minutes late. I shrugged my shoulders. Didn't care. He was going to be there.

I arrived at the detention signed door and walked in.

There were about 20 other kids in there. A lot of them looked like slut type girls. Probably got caught having sex in their car with some random guy.

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