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Farkle stood, wondering.

Did he really just say that was his sweet little Riley? Does he like her? My god, I am so confused! And Maya probably heard me, will she tell Riley? Actually I don't think so. Right?! He sighed. Riley is a sweet gal. She was really peppy. He likes that about her.

He also likes when she's focusing on her school work, when that crinkle on her forehead shows. It shows that she's trying her best. She's really sassy and sarcastic, and Farkle likes that about her.

She can be mean when she wants too.

And he likes that.

Farkle likes it when Riley comes out of her room with messy hair until she sees him. Farkle smiled. She would always go wide eyed then run back to her room. Farkle remembered that day. She just gotten up that time, and he was making breakfast for the two of them, as usual. They would take turns cooking and clean up together.

He smirked at her. "So, who's your hair stylist? The pillow?" Riley squealed and ran back to her room. Farkle chuckled. She was pret-great!

oh god...maybe I do like her

pros and cons of liking Riley Matthews? Everything is good, except... she might reject me. There's no way I'm gonna risk it. She might hate me.. oh god, what if-

"Hey Farkle! I see you did some shopping." He flinched. Oh my god, I forgot I was going to cook for Riley! "Uh....yeah...."

"Well, I'm going to take a shower." she said and stretched her arms and yawned. Farkle only nodded.

"I'm gonna go out. See you later."


Maya was planning something.

She was running around to get things perfect. She really hope this time Riley would forgive her. She was just about to be finished.

She was going to call Farkle but after what happened at the grocery store, she was not going to call him. Instead she hacked into Riley's facebook and messaged Farkle to meet her at the restaurant. (Where Maya is.)

Hey, Farkle! Meet me at the Velvet Glove Restaurant at 6:00 pm sharp! Dress something nice! :)

- Okay, riles. See you then! ;)

Maya smiled. Now she's getting someone to deliver flowers for Miss Riley Matthews.

A little while later, Riley stood in front of the mirror. She received a flower with a card that says.

'Riles, meet me at the Velvet Glove Restaurant at 6:00 pm sharp. Wear something nice. ;) see you there, Farkle'

does this mean he likes me? Riley gave herself a small smile and butterflies in her stomach was getting to much, she squealed.

She looked at the time and it was 4:58 pm. One hour to get ready.

She grinned and went into her closet.


At 6:00. Farkle was already there waiting for Riley to come. He was really nervous, he didn't know what to think when Riley messaged him, he grinned and started having these feelings. Oh my god, was he ever happy.

At 6:01 pm. Riley walked in. She was shown to her table and there he is. Farkle Minkus. He got up and they both smiled at each other. Farkle went to go pull her seat and he was just a gentlemen. Riley blushed.

"Hi." they both said.

"You look beautiful." Farkle complimented her.

"thanks for inviting me." He furrowed his eyebrows. "You invited me..." they got confused. "Wait, so.. you don't really like me?" Riley said. She was already embarrassed.

"He does like you." They both looked towards at the person.

"Maya?!" Riley exclaimed.

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