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That night at the restaurant got out of hand, Riley had started screaming at Maya. This wasn't something that Maya had planned. She told Riley that she planned this, because she saw how close Farkle and Riley were, it was as if they like each other. But I guess she was wrong

 "You planned this? Did you think I was going to be Jolly Riley, running to your fucking arms and say that I was wrong, and forgive you just like that?!" Riley yelled. She was furious and annoyed with the fact that Maya thought she would just forgive her like that.

"Well, pretty much. Yes!"

Riley rolled her eyes. "You are so selfish, Maya! How could I fucking forgive you? When...I.." her anger turned into tears. "Maya, you beat me to the grounds. And every time you would say you would explain, Missy comes and beats me up. I don't want to see you ever again. Stay out of my life!" Riley runs out and left Maya and Farkle.

Everybody at the restaurant just starred. Maya sighed sadly. And Farkle just shook his head. "I think you gone to far." Farkle then ran out to look for Riley.

As Farkle left. Maya went to go apologize to those people and went out. She went to the nearest bench and cried her eyes out.

Mean while, Farkle caught up to Riley and she was still mad as hell! "Riley, hold on!" but Riley just continued to walk, stomping away. "Riley!"

"What the fuck do you want farkle?! Can't you see that I'm no where near at a peace mind?!" Riley yelled at him. She continued to stare at him, her nostrils flaring and she was breathing hard. 

"I don't care if you're not at a peace mind, I want to make sure you're okay! I don't want you to be alone at this state!"

"Why do you care?! Go on a date with Maya! Just leave me alone"

"Riley, for the record! I do fucking care! Who cares about going on a date with Maya, I want to make sure you aren't alone at this state!"

"Don't fucking lie to me, you don't care! Why would you care about me?! I'm just a piece of shit!"

"I care because I love you!! okay?! I fucking love you, riles! I love you because I love how you focus on your school work and that little crinkle comes out when you're focusing. I love how sassy and sarcastic you can be, I love that messy bun every morning. Riles, I love you. I loved you for the longest time. Maya was just someone to get you off my mind, and i care about you so much. Riles, please believe me when I say this. I care about you."

Riley and Farkle just starred at each other with teared eyes. "I don't like seeing you sad, Riles." Riley cried and hugged Farkle so tight.

"I love you, too."

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