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The clock turned three o'clock, which meant class was over but I stayed behind to finish my damn essay that I was suppose to finish last night but I couldn't because of how annoying Farkle was. I rolled my eyes as I recall what happened yesterday.

He kept asking me if I was going to stab him, or most likely kill him if he wasn't going to cook. After telling him I'm going to be in my room finishing my essay assignment. Every ten minutes he would knock on my door asking questions what I would do to do him if he won't listen to me. 

When dinner was ready and as we sat down he asked, "Were you really going to stab me? I know I asked this but, were you really going to do it?" He looked a bit afraid, if I'm being honest. I mean I didn't mean to scare the poor guy, usually when I do this to people, they will be like "Yeah, I like to see you try." Like Maya, to bad she turned into a bitch like Bitchy Bradford. (Or I think so, haven't seen her since graduation.)

After finishing my food, I tried to work on my essay again but he knocked on my door and ask that same question, which was obviously annoying me, and he annoyed me so much I yelled, "Yes, Farkle, I would definitely stab you for real if you don't leave me alone!"

And that's when he left me alone, this morning he only smiled at me and gave me a thumbs up, I honestly didn't mean to scare him, but he should be over it by now.

I finished my essay finally after two hours, I put my things away and put my paper on top of the professor's desk, I kinda hope no one takes it. I stopped at the door and went back to take my paper back, I will give it to Professor. Lettie tomorrow. I went out of the class and bumped into someone. "Ayyyyy!" some random dude said. "Listen babe, I want you  to come to my party at 9, tomorrow!" He said and gave me a paper then walked away.

I rolled my eyes and put the paper in my bag and walked to my dorm. Honestly I need a shower, I haven't showered for two days and I definitely need one. Plus, I ran in gym today. I went into my room and locked my door.

I was looking for clothes to wear after my shower, well I could wear pajamas, I mean I won't be going out anyway, but it's also so hot to wear my pajamas, actually hey I have shorts, I took that one out and I'm going to be wearing my fancy t-shirt. I also took my undergarments. I placed them on my bed and took out my towel and began undressing.

I went into my bathroom, and placed the towel on top of the toilet and I heard someone scream. I flinched and saw Farkle was about to get out of the shower.  My eyes were widen, my jaw dropped and I completely froze. So did he, it took me a minute to process what was happening. I grabbed my towel and began yelling at him. "What the fuck, Farkle!! Why are you in my bathroom!?" I covered myself, so did he when he grabbed his towel.

"My shower wasn't working and I didn't think you'd be coming any time soon, because you usually get out of class at three and come back at three thirty and it's been two and half hours." I rolled my eyes. "Well, I didn't know you were going to be in my bathroom. You could've  left a note on my door or text me!!"

We starred at each other and I felt my cheeks heat up. God, I am so embarrassed. The least he could do was text me, gosh! It was five minutes later, and we were still starring at each other and I could see his cheeks turned red. "So....."

"Get out!" I said and he did. 

I locked my door and went back into my bathroom, close that one and slid down. This is so embarrassing.

I began to take a shower, and it felt nice to take a shower.

After washing my body, and washing my hair, it hit me.

WE just saw each other naked! Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. He just saw me naked! I just saw him naked. I closed my eyes and all I could see is his naked body imprinted in my mind, I shivered in disgust.

This is so damn embarrassing.


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