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A week after Riley's "attack" on Maya, She felt the guilt creeping behind her back. It was there and she knows it. Part of her wanted to forgive Maya. The other part of her wants to stay mad and be really bitter.

and it's tearing her apart.

She sat on the chair in the living room, cuddling her blanket. She spent the whole morning crying her eyes out, she called in sick, again. She didn't want to go to school.

A knock on the door scared her, and she hoped it was Maya. She really needed to apologize, but at the same time she didn't want it to be Maya.

She took a deep breathe and answered it. She slumped, only seeing Farkle. "Oh, hey Farkley, I thought you had a key?" she asked him.

She went back sitting on the couch and put her blanket over herself. "I do, I just want you to get up, you been sitting on that couch for three days." He said and sat next her.

It was silent, and Riley knew he wanted her to talk but what can she say? She heard Farkle sigh and she closed her eyes. "Riles, what's wrong?" She opened her eyes. They were eye-to-eye contact. And Farkle could see the tears forming.

"It just hurts, Farkley."

Farkle gave Riley a long comforting hug. He was going to speak but Riley spoke. "How could Maya do that to me? She hurt me really bad, not just physically but mentally too." Farkle pulled away and looked straight into her eyes. "What did she do?"

"I already told you, but.." her words faded. "That night, she told me let's go to the school grounds and I told her we'll get in trouble. But she wanted me to live a little and it was after hours and... " She took a deep breathe here. "Missy came out and pushed me around, punched me, kicked me and then her other friends would join, then she told Maya to join in.. and.. that hurt me really bad.."

She looked up and saw Farkle's jaw clenched. "Missy and her friends stopped but Maya kept going... After they were done, I was left on the ground, I couldn't move. I stood there until the morning."

Silence.... At this point, Farkle was angry at Maya. How could Maya do that to my sweet little sunshine? - wait?! My?? - How could someone hurt Riley like this?! - Good god. Farkle blushed. He shook himself and looked at Riley. He didn't realize how much this effect her, but then again he doesn't know what happened with her dad, Missy and her mother's friend.

"I didn't go home until a week later. I was afraid of my mom's reaction." she said. Farkle felt bad for her. She didn't deserve this, she isn't a bad person. How could this happen to her?

"I mean, it's probably because I dated a guy named Lucas. Missy likes him but he chose me." She shook her head. "I'm gonna go to bed, I feel another headache coming on."


Farkle sat in the living room, thinking about Riley.. He still couldn't understand why Maya would do this to her. He decided to give her a special dinner, hoping it will cheer her up.

He checked the fridge, and the cup boards. Hmmm, time to go grocery shopping. I hope she likes this, I hope I can cheer her up.

twenty minutes later, he was the grocery store.

It was much later when someone spot him. "Hey Farkle!" He looked at the person and he just ignored her. "Hey?" she still tried.

She was confused. "Hey?" He just ignored her and she grabbed his shoulder. "Did you hear me? I said hey."

"I don't want to talk to you, just leave me alone, Maya." He walked away with his shopping cart, to the cashier.

"What, why?" she trailed behind him after he bought his grocery.

"Because what you did to my sweet little Riley was unacceptable." Maya stayed behind, he likes her. Maya felt bad, she didn't mean too. This got out of hand, boy! Did she regret it so bad.

Farkle didn't even know he said "My sweet little Riley." He didn't realize it until he got to his dorm.

"oh shit."


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