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Last week was quite weird and I didn't know what to describe it but it annoyed me so I'm going to annoy the heck out of him.

After finishing my essay, I hand it in and was ready to go out of the class when I tripped over my OWN feet, but someone caught me. I looked straight into someone's eyes. And it was Isaac. He was smiling, he closed his eyes and leaned in, I widen my eyes and I quickly put my palm on his lips. 

"Forget it, boy! This isn't any love story." I told him and I made myself fall so I can get out of his arms. Why does he still try? Ugh, guys. I got up and walked away. 

"C'mon, just one kiss!" 

"No way, lover boy!" I walked faster and I could still hear him, can he take a hint? God. I mentally rolled my eyes and I got to my dorm. 

I put my key in and I walked in, I saw Farkle in the sofa area, doing whatever he's doing. I went into my room, and put my stuff away. I wanted to annoy Farkle so I grabbed my straw and went to my bathroom, I wet the toilet paper and I went out of my room.

I stood by the kitchen Island and sat on the stools. I began hitting him with spit balls. He touched his neck, and I hit him again, and again, and again. 

He gave out a frustrated sigh and tried to keep his cool. I again, hit him with a spit ball. "Damn it, Riley! Will you stop that?!" he growled.

"Nope." and I hit him again with a spit ball, which stayed put on his forehead. I began laughing. "Oh my god." 

"Fuck you, Riley!" he wiped his forehead with his hand.

I laughed so hard, there wasn't any sound coming out of my laughter. The way he looked, that's what he gets for making me feel so annoyed the entire time last week AND today.

I didn't know he went to get a straw and toilet paper, but I knew when he hit me with a spit ball. It landed right on my nose. ohh, it's on. I wiped my nosed with my sweater and began hitting him with the spit ball

He went into his room and I was about to do my victory dance when he hit me with a wet toilet paper ball. "What the fuck?" I yelled.

I ran to my room and to my bathroom, I grabbed the whole toilet paper roll and wet it. I ran to my room and a ball of wet toilet paper went on my door.  I looked at it and it looked like it just splat there. I threw wet toilet paper at him, again and again but he kept dodging it. 

"That's for being the most annoying person ever!" he said and threw the toilet paper roll at me, I dodged and threw some wet toilet paper at him, and he dodged it. 

"That's for using my milk every time!" and I threw it at him again.

"That's for eating my eggs in the morning!"

"That's for tripping me this morning!"

"That's for making fun of my hair almost everyday" he said and I lost it. I began laughing, I do, I do make fun of his hair everyday. He looked at me and he began laughing too.

We stood quiet and he was doing it again, making me feel weird.

"Well..... I guess we have to clean up again." he said and I looked around and there was a lot of splatting on the walls and floors and even toilet paper rolls every where and the dorm was almost decorated with toilet paper.

We laughed and cleaned up again.

After we were done, I went to my room and was thinking why I felt so weird and squishy and flushed. This is happening way to often. Stupid farkle.

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