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"I love you, too."

Farkle held Riley tighter. He felt his insides warm up, he wanted this. He always wanted this, now he has it. He didn't realize how much he wanted it.

They hug for another minute and release each other, Riley smiled at him but then frowned, she had come to her senses. Farkle frowned with her and said "what's wrong?"

"We love each other, farkle."

"What's wrong with that?" Riley backed away from him and a tear released from her eye.  "I can't do that to a friend. You're my best friend farkle, I just can't."

Farkle felt  his heart drop to his stomach.  He can feel himself go into a spiral of rejection, hurt and agony.

"Farkle?" Riley sniffled. He didn't respond. Riley tried to comfort him but he backed away. She felt hurt by his action.

"It's okay." He said, and left. Leaving Riley alone, and she sat down on the bench and cried.

She never meant to hurt him but she can't do that, she didn't want to lose him but tonight she had lost him.

Ten minutes passed by and she was still crying, another ten minutes passed away and maya found her. "Riley?" She didn't even move, she just looked at a distance. Maya sat next to her and  hugged Riley and she let it happen as she hugged her back and cried her eyes out.

"Riley, I am extremely sorry. Really, I am. I just wish we could start over again."

"We could have but you kept messing that up!" She said, grumpily.

But they were still hugging.

"We should though, I am too tired to fight the saltiness I have towards you. I miss you Maya." Maya's eyes full of hope, starred at Riley. "I missed you, too Riles!" And she hugged Riley tighter.

They were laughing and talking like old times, and they were just walking around. "I can't believe you let me walk around with my makeup ruined!" Riley laughed.

"Sorry Riles, I forgot to mention it." She laughed also.

Maya was happy. Riley was happy but torn. And it felt normal. That assured Riley.

"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow, maya." And they said their good byes.

Riley made it to her dorm and she was afraid to go into her dorm, she wasn't ready at all.

She cursed herself for doing this to sweet innocent farkle.

She took a deep breath and went inside her dorm and farkle was no where to be seen. So she went to her room and did her night routine.

After her shower, she changed into her pajamas and went to bed.

A/n's;: sorry if it's not what you expected??🤷‍♀️ I'm gonna break everybody's heart. this story will end soon and sorry for the short chapter.

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