a little talk pt.2

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hello, do y'all remember me? 

anyway, hi how are you?

uhhhh, I just want to say that I will be deleting my account soon, OR (or) if you want me to release another book OR continue room mates but there's a catch for this option, I will be editing this book and making new chapters along with it, if that's okay with you guys? So it will say "discontinued until further notice - editing in progress." and with that, after editing this book i'll be releasing new chapters. That's if only 50+ people want me too. 

Yes, I know, seems far fetch. But I just wish I was so into wattpad like I used too, I don't feel like I'm wanted, or I feel like my writing isn't that good and I just want to be reassured about that.

so... any thoughts? 

I'll come back tomorrow to see what you guys have to say. 

lol i feel dumb as heck, i've been gone for so long and eeek i don't know. okay um.. dang. I don't know, I'm nervous about this lol

*edit* oh and, btw I am doing a lot better :)
(if you read the last chapter? idk it was called a little talk, this is just a part two.)
I took a time off (A LOOOOOONG ONE) and realized that I am worthy. I am smiling a lot than before, I am out-going but still shy. But not a hard-core anxiety wreck as I was before but i'm still very awkward and still feel dumb here and there, I still have anxiety but not much anymore., um. I passed life, basically. But I know I still have an obstacle to go through but I know I'm going to make it through. Few bumps here and there

um.. Oh, I almost died. Too graphic or? I don't know but I am so so SOOO happy I got saved. <3

God gave me another chance and I will take the chance to live my life. Also, my life is slowly coming together. I don't know what else to say but, if you're going through a hard time, just know it gets better and it takes time.

I went through a lot, literally a lot and it took me years, I found happiness in writing and reading but my depression got to the best of me and I just wasn't happy about writing and reading anymore but.. yeah, I don't know, I am healthy, I am well.

I'm doing a lot better. :)

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