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"but how did we end up naked?"

Farkle shrugged, I sighed. I got up and went into the living room, there was a huge mess, I suddenly remember everything and began laughing. "What's so funn- oh my god." He laughed so hard.

"We're so weird when we are drunk." he said, and I agree.

flash back

Riley and Farkle walked out of the teachers lounge after wishing good luck to Miss Mayson. They were talking, and laughing with each other, both of them forgetting that they just saw each other naked.  "You know what I'm hungry!" Riley said and luckily for her, the food truck was nearby. It was already five pm. Riley dragged Farkle to the food truck and together they ordered a double cheese burger with french fries. 

They went to a nearby picnic table, and ate their food there, talking about their first day here. "You know, I actually hated you before I met you." Riley said, taking a bite out of her cheese burger. "I mean, I basically told the receptionist that I hated men so much, and that I didn't want to share a dorm with someone who has a balls sack." Farkle laughed. "You seriously said that to her?"

Riley shook her head. "Nah, I just told her that I couldn't live in a co-ed dorm, I did say I hated men so much." she shrugged and took another bite of her cheese burger.

Farkle eating multiple of his french fries, after he swallowed he spoke. "Why do you hate men so much?" Riley shrugged. "A friend of my mother's.. uh, he took my innocence away from me.." she whispered. She cleared her throat. "And My dad left...." she said.

Farkle looked at her and gotten up to hug her. "Not all men are scary, like me. I'm not scary. And I'm really sorry that happened to you." he told her. Riley returned the hug. "Well.. you're technically not a man yet.." she joked and laughed. Farkle scoffed. "I'm kidding. And thanks, you showed me that."

"well to be fair, I wasn't actually thrilled about living in a co-ed dorm room with a female too. My first impression when I first saw you was, not the best. I basically called you a bitch." He told her.

Riley laughed. "I know that, I was so annoyed with the idea of living with a man.- boy. Kidding, geez Farkley, you're so sensitive." Riley said after Farkle pushed her arm sightly. They finished their food and they were still talking.

"Have you ever partied?" Riley asked Farkle as they pass by a house party. "Me? Party? No way. I hate parties." He stated. 

"Well since you hate them, let's go to the party." Farkle rolled his eyes. "No way."

"C'mon... don't be a chicken." Riley started making those chicken calls."I bet you won't do it." she said and continuing making chicken calls.

"I'll show you!" Farkle said, and went in there. Riley laughed. "Oh my god, I didn't think he would do it." she said to herself. Riley following in, looking for Farkle.


A little while later, they were playing Dares or Double Dares, and drinking. Every time they won't do the dare, they take a big gulp of liquor, if it's a double dare and they don't do it, they take two big gulps. 

"Farkle" Riley slurred, dragging the end of his name. "Dare or Double Dare?" she said, almost stumbling. "Whoopsie." she said and Farkle just stood there. "uhhh. Double Dare." He said.

She smiled. "I double dare you to go to the nurses office and ask for A LOT of condoms." she said and giggling. "Sure, b-but-but you have to come with me." he slurred.

"What about the drinks?" she asked. He shrugged and he took two cups and filled them up and just walked out. She shrugged too and grabbed a bottle of vodka.

They were outside and laughing, going to the nurses office. "I can't believe you just walked out with the bottle." Farkle laughed so hard. As they approached the nurses office, he gave the cups to Riley and he put his finger against his lips and saying "shhh." And he went in.

Riley put the cups and the bottle at the nearby bench. She followed him in. "Excuse me, miss. May I have 100 condoms?" He asked, looking at Riley and giggling. The nurse wasn't aware of him being drunk. The nurse only gave him two. "That's it?" he asked. The nurse nodded and went back to doing something she was doing, before Farkle asked for condoms. 

Farkle saw the box of condoms and just took it.

Riley began laughing, taking the cups and the bottle, they went back to their dorm all drunk. When they got there, they were still playing dare or double dare in Farkle's room, but they eventually got bored of it.

Until Riley got an idea, she asked Farkle where she put the condoms and Riley went to get them at the kitchen island. She opened all of the condoms. Farkle shrugged and helped her open them all. 

He blew one condom. "Ew, nasty." he said but he was still blowing up the condom. Riley was laughing so hard, they blew up condoms and tied them as if they were balloons. "Hey, lets go decorate the living room." Riley said. 

"Yeah, let's go decorate the living room." Farkle nodded and agreeing. When they were done, Riley went to go get those condoms and started filling them up with water and threw it at Farkle. "HAHA" Riley said.

After the condom decorating, and water condom fights.  Their clothes were wet, so Farkle took off his clothes, so did Riley. They laying on the couch naked, laughing.

"I'm getting tired.I'm going to sleep."  Riley said and went into Farkle's room. "I'll be here, Finishing these two last cups."

after a while, Riley passed out and Farkle went into his room, and as he put himself in his bed, he passed out just like that.

flash back over.

We were laughing so hard as we played the previous events, I could say that last night was lit. I could actually say that, Farkle has become the bestest friend ever. 

[a/n: so, what do you think? I hope I didn't disappoint. Oh and is there a thing called Dare or double dare? Oh well, I'm not sure but I should actually play that "game" once I have friends hahah jk. I hope you enjoyed, and please vote and comment <3 thanks for reading.]


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