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Just Be There For Me by anchoredhopes
Just Be There For Meby m o l l y
When Riley goes through family issues, she finds it hard to talk about it. Maya is there for her-most of the time. But who comes the night things get out of hand?
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Riarkle One Shots by Leahjanellef
Riarkle One Shotsby leah_janelle
The title says it all. I am also open to any other ship in all honesty, but if you want yours just request it.
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Chemistry by girlmeetsmars
Chemistryby Shelby Lynn
chemistry: the complex emotional or psychological interaction between two people. a story where Riley and Farkle realize the importance of chemistry.
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Daddy's Little Girl by CaptainSwan31
Daddy's Little Girlby CaptainSwan
Maya becomes pregnant with her and Lucas baby when she is 15 years old and he's 16. When Maya's parents find out she is pregnant they tell her that they will force her t...
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Topanga's {Riarkle} by LoveIylwt
Topanga's {Riarkle}by zy
Riley, daughter of Topanga. Topanga, owner of the small bakery down the street, and Farkle, the boy who happens to take interest in a certain brunette.
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Girl meets Broken Riley by girlmeetsworld20
Girl meets Broken Rileyby girlmeetsworld20
Riley is a smiley Riley that likes rainbows rabbits and unicorns and that's what her friends think but Little did they know that Riley was harming herself and having sui...
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Online (GMW)  by xxmarthaaaaaxx
Online (GMW) by actual 12 year old
in which a young girl finds comfort in interacting with people online. there may also be a love story or something. ;)
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Reunited by MayaFriar77
Reunitedby Maya Penelope Friar
BFF Best Friends Forever. Sadly, forever is a long time. This group of friends always thought they would take on the world together. 10 years later they are called bac...
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infidelity | maya + farkle [REWRITING] by mayaisms
infidelity | maya + farkle [REWRIT...by liz
"don't worry; i won't tell your girlfriend about that time you said i was a better fuck." "this is why i don't give you compliments anymore." | lower...
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GMW/instagram  by Adrianagonza1234
GMW/instagram by Adrianagonza1234
Riarkle Lucaya Zaydora
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Girl meets Instagram by MissHuckleberryHart
Girl meets Instagramby MissHuckleberryHart
What happens when the 6 friends, Maya, riley, Lucas, Zay, and smackle are given instagram's. When there social media there's drama, that's one thing I can promise.
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Girl meets one shots by riarkledale
Girl meets one shotsby Kenz
A series of Girl Meets World One Shots
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25 Days of Christmas || Girl Meets World by lovelylehanna
25 Days of Christmas || Girl Meets...by ― leh!
In which two girls write Christmas one-shots together. [December 2019]
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Riley and Farkle pregnacy story  by Chasity10000
Riley and Farkle pregnacy story by Chasity10000
Farkle has been cheating on smackle with Riley one day Riley and farkle got carried away what happens when Riley finds out when she is pregnant what will she do how wil...
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Changed by riarkledale
Changedby Kenz
Farkle is forced to move to Paris for a year with his parents. When he moves back to New York, one year later, he realizes that the Riley Matthews he once knew is gone...
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We're Having A Baby. by littlemissgabxo
We're Having A Baby.by Gabby
Maya stood there in horror at the results. 'Positive' it read, She was too shocked to process it. "I had known that this was going to happen, and that I'd been afra...
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Actual Instagram by MissHuckleberryHart
Actual Instagramby MissHuckleberryHart
Tf does it sound like?^
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F.R.I.E.N.D.S by sleeplessdreams5
F.R.I.E.N.D.Sby ;)
Friends don't sleep in each other beds..;) (Beginning of the book is really slow and kinda childish, but I promise you it gets better;)
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Lucaya's daughter  by sass156
Lucaya's daughter by sass156
The core four lost connection after highschool,and haven't talked to each other since graduation. Lucas and Maya got married ,and had a baby girl. Maya knows that back i...
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or lie to me ➳ lucaya sequel (completed) by mayaisms
or lie to me ➳ lucaya sequel (comp...by liz
"just say it! please say it- s-say.. say it again." "i-" "or lie to me." | sequel to 'say it again.' | lucaya au |
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