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Over the month, I can say that it was the worst month ever, this Farkle kid is really annoying and grumpy all the time. I'm starting to think he don't like me. Jokes on him, I don't like him either.

Just yesterday, he made me trip and made me spill my cereal all over the floor. I threw some of my cereal pieces at him, and we ended the night arguing. Can you see how annoying he is?

I rolled my eyes and wanted to stab him so many times.

Right now, I'm trying to scare him, I heard he was grocery shopping and I just decided to scare him. And I'm trying to get back at him for tripping me and making me spill my cereal all over the floor. Ugh, that jerk!

I'm not sure if this going to work but I'm going to dump fake spiders on top of his head. Once he comes in the dorm.

I was currently looking outside, searching for Farkle. As I saw Farkle approaching, with his grocery shopping, I quickly went to the door with my fake spiders. (Which reminds me, I gotta go do my grocery shopping after this.)

As the door opens, I dumped the fake spiders on Farkle.

"Holy fuck!" I heard him shout and I ran to my room and tried hard not to laugh. I put my hand over my mouth and I peeked out my room.

"Riley! I swear to god, you are the most childish person I have ever met!" I heard him yell. And his door slammed. Eeesh, he's such a baby!

"that's what happens when you mess with me, you jerk!" I yelled. And slammed my door too. Later on, about 15 minutes had passed and I haven't stopped laughing at how he jumped. 

It was time for me to get ready, and as soon as I stepped out of my room, he had the nerve to spray me with water. I screamed and went back in my room.

"What the fuck, Farkle!!" I yelled through my door. I heard him laughing, and I peeked out and he was still was laughing. I scoffed, I went into my closet and grabbed my water gun. (Don't ask, why I have a water gun, I just do.)

I grabbed my two water bottles and filled up my water gun. As I finished I went outside and sprayed Farkle. "Yo, it was just a joke lighten up!" he said. I rolled my eyes and continued to spray him with water.

He went in the kitchen and grabbed a water bottle from the fridge and splashed me with water. "Stop it!" I told him.

"No, you stop it."

"You started it!"

I looked at him. "Excuse me, it was you, who started it!" I told him and splashed him with water again, Minutes later, we stopped and looked around. 

"Now, look what you did!" he scowled.

"Me?! You did this!"

I rolled my eyes, and I realized I was wet and I couldn't go out with wet clothes! We sat down and looked at the table. I looked at the time and now I can't go shop for food. "Thanks, Farkle. Thank you now, we have to clean this up and I missed my shopping hour, you jerk!" I scowled at him.

He rolled his eyes and I was about to slap him when he got up and dry the floor. "Don't just stand there, help me!" he said, and I sighed. 

About an hour, we finished drying the floor and it was past dinner time and I realized I won't have anything to eat but cereal, I sighed. I looked into the fridge and I saw I'm out of milk. GREAT! Stupid Farkle. 

Farkle was just finishing cooking, and I was about to go to my room when he called out for me. "Hey, Riley!"

I looked back at him and was ready to strangle him. "Since you missed your shopping hour, I made a plate for two. So come and have dinner with me." I looked at him, he can't be serious.

"I am serious." he said, I must have been standing there too long. I sighed and sat with him. "This is just a one time thing, okay?" he said and I nodded.

The silence was awkward.

overall, it was good to know he isn't that heartless.

After I was done, I cleared my throat and he made eye contact with me. "Uh, um, thank you Farkle. For the meal, I enjoyed it." He smiled, and it gave me a weird feeling. "You're welcome." he said and I got up and went to my room.

gosh, that was so weird.

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