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Riley // spoiler, riley has a little surprise visitor. ;)

Farkle and I began being close a week ago, after that drunk incident we just pretend it didn't happen, so me and farkle are like best friends now, not really, he still gets on my nerves. 

Right now, I'm about to finish my assignment that's due tomorrow, gosh I really hope it's good, I had a C last week, and that is not acceptable. If I get another C on this, I'll probably shut everything out and study hard. 

Not only that, I will kill me if I don't get a passing mark. I would say my mom would kill me but I'm not under her care anymore, it was my choice to go to college and she supported me.

I heard the door open and I saw Farkle.

My eyes instantly lit up, and he was walking towards me. "Hey, Riles!" he said and I nodded. "Sup, Farkley." I said to him.

"So, I need your help." he said, and I just starred at him. Since when did he need my help? He rolled his eyes. "Oh c'mon, everybody asks for help and quit starring at me like I just murdered someone!"

"Geez, alright then. What do you need my help for?"  I rolled my eyes. "I saw that." he said. I went in front of his face and rolled my eyes in front of him. "You were suppose, too." I said to him.

"Geez, I just want your help, that's all! You're so annoying." I laughed at him. "Okay, what do you need help for?" I said to him. He grabbed my hand and said "let's go."

I stopped him. "Wait, wait, WAIT." I looked at him. "Where are we going?" I asked.

"To our dorm, duh." 

"But I am doing my assignments right now."

"Are you almost finished?"

"Just need to do one more."

"Well, let's go. I'll help you with that in return." he said, and grabbed my stuff and walked out of the door. "but-"

He was already out of the classroom, I sighed, and smiled. damn it farkle.


"Thank you so much!" He told me and he hugged me. I didn't had time to say you're welcome, he was already out the door. I didn't know he had a date tonight. Kind of have mixed feelings for this, not sure what kind of feelings is this.

Part of me don't want him to go on this date, part of me wants to congratulate him, also part of me wants to beg him not to go on this date. But I also want him to be happy, so I didn't say anything but nodded and smile at him.

what is wrong with me? I am not sure what my mind was thinking. When we got here at the dorm, he helped me finish my assignment first and he told me what he needs help for, after I finished my assignment, I helped him next.

He was practically nervous about this date, he must like her.  A sudden wave hit me, or it felt like my stomach was clenching. I sighed.

I went into the kitchen and grabbed my peanuts from the cup board. I sat on the arm chair. I felt so... nothing. I felt nothing, just plain bored-ness. I open my can of peanuts, and began eating.

Since I am alone, I'm going to enjoy my "Riley Time." 

The knock on my door was the most annoying sound ever, I groaned. I got up from the arm chair and went to go open the door, to greet whoever wants something.

I opened the door and it revealed the one and only, Maya Hart.

I furrowed my eyebrows. umm.....part of me wanted to slam the door, part of me wants to punch her in the face, she smiled at me, then waved awkwardly. I just starred at her, waiting for an explanation, actually nevermind, I gave her plenty of times when she wants to explain.

 Last time I saw her was graduation. She became a bitch after junior year, because apparently being popular is more important than being there for each other.

What a liar she was, she said she would never hurt me, and she did. I gotten annoyed and angry, I was about to slam the door on her face when she stopped the door and said "wait!"

I was still trying to close the door when she just forced the door open. "What do you want Maya?!" I yelled at her and tears began to fill my eyes. "What do you want now?" my voice cracked.

Her eyes began to fill with tears too, why?! Why does she have tears? "I'm here to explain." she said. I shook my head. "You know what, Maya? I don't want to hear it. I came to this college because I want to get away from you. From Missy, From my dad!" My voice kept raising. "So, get out Maya!" I tried to shove her out of the door. Surprisingly, she was the same height as I was. She just hold onto me as I tried to push her away.

"I'm not leaving you this time." she yelled at me.

I began sobbing into her shirt. "You hurt me, Maya. Best friends don't do that!" I gave her a shove. My cheeks were wet from my tears. I started to hiccup. We were standing up, starring at each other.

"Best friends don't do that, Maya. Get out!" And she didn't.

Instead she sat down on the couch. She spoke afterwards. "I'm really sorry, Riles. I-" I interrupted her. "Don't call me riles."

"Why not?"

"Because, you're not my friend. My friends only calls me that." I whispered. I didn't trust my voice. "I am your friend Riley." she said, and I shook my head. 

"Just get out, Maya." I begged, and tears started filling my eyes again. She got up and hugged me, I tried to shove her away, but she wouldn't budge.

"Get away from me, I wish I never met you!" I yelled at her and I gotten out of her grasped. I shook my head at her and I ran out of my dorm. Leaving Maya there. 

I ran as fast as I can, I didn't know where I was going, I just kept running, and running. I stopped and tried to catch my breathe.  I fell on my knees, and sobbed.


she could've just left me alone, and how did she even find me?

[a/n: most of you were wondering where maya and riley are so.. here it is. What did Maya do? hmm? aha,i'm going to edit the first few chapters. So thanks for reading, I also posted "baywindow." ;) check it out, it's a status book. Yes, I'm doing it again ahaha.]

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