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Hello and welcome to the first chapter of my junior year! It's been a little crazy so far but I'm not totally dead on the inside yet. Sorry it wasn't out sooner that this but between marching band and AP classes it's been a little overwhelming. I'm gonna shoot for AT LEAST one update every month. That doesn't mean there will only be one, in special cases I could get two or three if I don't have any essays. The main problem with updates until the end of October is marching band because it takes away every other evening and most of my Saturdays, which are the times I write the most. I just wanted to let you guys know about the slowing of updates so it wouldn't be a surprise. Now, on a lighter note, Guess is about to hit 2K reads!!!! In honour of all my readers I'm will be publishing  a request book for this book. Did you ever wonder how sore of a loser Kylie is? Or what shenanigans Jerome got up to during his time with our little main character? Well, tell me! I'll write it as a chapter dedicated to you! That's all for now, loves, happy reading.

Kylie tugged at the makeshift bandage under her dark purple hoodie as she wove through another alley. The material from that costume she had to wear at the gala was scratchy and irritating but it was either use that or shred the clothes she was currently wearing. She couldn't decide whether to curse or thank Jim Gordon for the graze on her upper arm. She supposed that she should be glad that the girl they found with a gunshot wound to the chest wasn't her. The woman wasn't sure that Oswald would deliver the note she wrote to the detective and had only been less sure that Jim would take her side. He must have believed the things she wrote about Galavan. A sudden noise from the other end of the alley made her heart leap in her chest as her head swiveled. A newspaper had been tossed to the ground, it's pages rustling loudly as it fell onto the dirty pavement. It was out of pure curiosity that Kylie slunk over the discarded pile of paper and scooped it up. She cursed loudly when the front page headline entered her vision.

"Theo Galavan Elected As New Mayor"

She crumpled up the paper immediately and hurled it forcefully at the stained brick wall with a grunt. That piece of shit had actually done it. He got away with everything he had done, orchestrating all those crimes, kidnapping Oswald's mother, killing all those people, killing Jerome. The last one really got her. Jerome had trusted that man, had believed with every fiber of his being that Theo Galavan was his ticket into stardom. Jerome had became a friend of hers...and he killed him. Gotham ate up that hero bullshit with no questions asked and elected him mayor in the four days she had been gone. The young woman was buzzing with rage as she continued down the alley, not paying much attention to the figure lurking near a dumpster. As she passed by the bag slung over her shoulder was yanked harshly, causing her to stumble backwards.

"What's in the bag, huh?" A gravelly voice demanded as a hand gripped her left shoulder hard.

Ignoring the dull lick of pain in her arm, Kylie made her voice as cold and steely as possible,"I'm going to give you one chance to walk away."

There was a laugh and the man used both arms to swing her around," Nice try, sweetheart," he leaned in close, pulling a strand of blonde hair through his grubby fingers," but you trespassed on my turf and now you gotta pay the toll."

His teeth were yellowed and he smelled of rot. 

Kylie gave a derisive snort," You must be pretty proud, laying claim to a place filled with garbage and rats," she paused, meeting her attackers' eyes," but I suppose you fit right in."

The leering grin the man had given her slipped from his face, and his jaw clenched,"You little bitch," his right hand pulled back before forming a fist.

As he swung at her head, Kylie shifted to the left, narrowly avoiding the punch. The man howled as his hand made a sickening noise as it collided with brick and spat curses at the blonde. Her smirk widened and a hard kick to his right knee sent him to the ground. She had to admit, spending her free time sparring with Tabitha had its advantages. A pale hand slipped inside her hoodie pocket as she took a step towards the middle of the alley, following the man to where he had scrambled off to. In one fluid motion, it was visible again and a flick of her wrist allowed a silver blade to glint dangerously in the low light.

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