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The precinct was in shambles but that was putting it lightly. Blood stained every surface imaginable and the death toll was steadily increasing as workers were found in all parts of the building. It was silent for the most part, the only noise being the low whispers of the survivors to those who hadn't been there during the shooting. Ed watched the scene from his place on a desk where a medic was bandaging up his arm after pulling out a bullet. He could've made it out unscathed if it weren't for him catching a glimpse of Miss Kringle caught in the crossfire. She had just been standing there and staring at something across the room with frightened eyes when one of the shooters took aim at her.  Ed had been able to push her out of the way but ended up taking the bullet meant for her chest in his arm. Miss Kringle had been thanking him all afternoon, saying how grateful she was and telling him how brave he had been. He didn't think what he did was particularly exceptional by any means, he had just wanted to keep her safe. Although Ed wasn't going to complain about the extra attention he was getting, no sir. He was tuning her out for the moment, opting instead to study his surroundings. One question, however, reeled him back in with a small shot of panic.

"Hey, have you seen Kylie anywhere?" Kristen had asked suddenly with her green eyes searching the precinct," I caught a glimpse of her before you saved me but I lost her after that." 

Ed thought for a moment, going over everything he had seen in the last half hour before shaking his head," No, the last time I saw her, she was heading back to the records annex with the files you've been searching for." 

Kristen bit her lip," I'll be right back," she said, her voice layered with worry.

Ed watched her pick her way through the precinct over to an officer holding a clipboard. The man had been recording the names of found survivors and another stood next to him, scrawling the names of the identified deceased onto his own pad of paper. Kristen spoke to the both of them, looking over the lists as they did. He felt his chest tighten as the officer in charge of survivors looked up with a sympathetic shake of his head. What had been the last thing he told his friend? That what happened was a mistake. How long had it been since he had spoken to her? Four days. 

Kristen made her way back over to him with a tight smile," She's not on either list. They haven't found her yet. She's probably still holed up somewhere waiting for it to be safe."

Ed shook his head," No, you said you saw her right before they tried to shoot you. That means she must've heard the gunfire and came," he stopped for a moment and swallowed hard," looking for the two of us."

"If she saw you go down," he continued," she wouldn't just leave you there. She'd -"

"Try to help me," Kristen finished with a horrified look.

"The quickest way to get to me would've been to run straight across the precinct but she wouldn't do that. She's not that-"

"She would if she thought you were hurt," Ed cut her off with dismay.

"Kylie screamed," the redhead admitted shakily, "I heard her scream when my head hit the ground and before I blacked out she yelled at someone to let go of her. There was a gunshot, Edward. Someone died."

Ed tightened his jaw," It wasn't her. This was the first room the search team went over, they would've found her by now."

Kristen stopped for a moment, brows furrowed," That boy she talked to, the one who killed his mother, he thought she was pretty. He was the one who shot the Captain....you don't think-"

"That Jerome shot whoever touched her and then took her with him?" Ed finished for her," It's a possibility."

"They found the body of Robert Greenwood. I overheard the M.E. say that he wasn't killed by a standard issue GCPD gun. Do you think he was the one who grabbed her?" Kristen inquired.

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