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Kylie was fighting a noteworthy battle with the lock on her office door. It, like most things in the precinct was old and prone to cause irritation. Eventually, after many unladylike things were muttered under her breath, it gave a small click. It was all in her power not to break into song. She pushed open the dreadfully creaky door and stepped inside the small room. The first thing she noticed was the envelope, face-down, on the floor. Kylie smiled and stooped down to pick it up. This had happened every day since she had started working here. She flipped it over and the usual question mark was there, scrawled in green ink like it always was. She sat down at her desk and eagerly ripped open the envelope, revealing words scrawled in the same green ink on a wrinkled piece of notebook paper.

What kind of a ship sails smoothly during times both good and bad?

E. Nygma

The girl made a face as she stared at the piece of paper. She tried in vain to shift through all the ship names she knew. About 5 minutes had passed before she realized that she was the most idiotic person on the planet. That had been his intention, to have her stumped by going through all the facts in her head. He hoped to get her frustrated when she came up with absolutely nothing and admit defeat, something she hadn't done in the entirety of her new job. With a smug little smirk, she dug out a push pin from her desk and tacked the riddle on her corkboard, right next to the other riddles that she had solved. It had been easy when a small portion of her brain had stopped thinking of physical ships and wandered off on some tangent about her friend, Ed.

And then she had it.

The answer to the riddle.

A friendship.

Kylie grinned before setting to work. She had more handwritten reports to type up, print, label and deliver to the Annex for filing. Not to mention decipher handwriting that looked like it was scrawled on papers by toddlers. She was about two hours into the stack when a sharp knock on the office door caused her to look up from her computer monitor.

"Hello, sorry to bother you," her co-worker, Kristen Kringle said as she opened the door with a folder cradled in her right arm.

"Oh, you're not a bother at all," Kylie replied with a smile," I was just typing up the reports from last month to put on record. You came in at just the right time,  I've been dying to get an excuse to stop trying to decipher sloppy handwriting."

Kristen made a face as she noticed the stack of papers on her assistant's desk, "That sounds horrible."

 A noise of agreement escaped from between Kylie's lips as she sent the finished file report to the printer behind her desk.

Ms. Kringle paused for a moment," Well," she drawled out," I was going to take these files to Detective Gordon."

She raised an eyebrow curiously.

"But I'm sure it wouldn't hurt if you took them to him."

Kristen plucked a Jolly Rancher out of a jar on her friend's desk," Might be a good way to kill some time," she said with a shrug, "and besides, I've got to reorganize the Annex."

The blonde grinned," You're a saint, Kringle," she said as Kristen passed the files over to her," but why would you need to reorganize, that place is impeccable."

Kristen sighed and popped the candy into her mouth from perch on the armrest of one of the chairs in her friend's office,"That's what I told Mr. Nygma," she stated with a scowl," but he thought he had a better way of doing things. The whole place is in shambles."

Kylie was taken aback by the acid that dripped from Ms. Kringle's words when she mentioned Ed. It was silent for a few minutes as she tapped on her keyboard.

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