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Kylie felt like she was on top of the world. Ed had actually said yes, and even pushed aside the paperwork he had to do in order to spend time with her. She didn't want him to be reprimanded for shirking his duties but the almost flippant way he spoke and regarded the documents eased her mind, even if that was something he would never normally do. Her conscience chalked it up to Ed just being a little stressed and in need of a break, so when her friend had looped his arm through hers, she didn't think much about how he wouldn't normally do that either. He walked her through the lobby and out the doors of the precinct, smiling all the way. The two travelled down the sidewalk a bit before he stopped and opened the passenger side door of an old light blue car, gesturing with the arm that was previously entwined with hers.

"M'lady," he said with a crooked smile.

She slid into the plush seat with a laugh, "Thank you, Eddie."

The smile stayed on his face as he made his way to the other side of the vehicle and slipped into the driver's seat. Ed may not be fond of the nickname but Edward sure was.

After twisting the key and starting the car he turned to her," So, how has your day been?"

The blonde girl shrugged again and Edward watched how the dark purple scarf she had slid against the pale skin of her throat from the corner of his eye.

"It's been alright. I mean, I missed you and all but I did get to sleep an extra two hours."

Edward blinked as he brought the car to a halt at an intersection," You missed me?"

The corner of his mouth uplifted slightly at the thought.

Kylie looked at him dumbfounded, "Are you crazy? Of course, I missed you. You're my best friend."

He struggled to hold back a grimace at the remark. That bumbling idiot had dug himself quite a hole and now Edward was the one who had to climb out of it. He didn't plan on being her best friend for long.

"And you are mine," he said cheerfully as he pulled into a parking space.

The two exited the car and made it to the diner, where they were greeted with warm air and the smell of cooking food. They were seated almost immediately and their drinks were brought out right away. Kylie thought that the diner's name, Quick Tyme, was very appropriate.

She noticed Ed eyeing her drink and she raised an eyebrow," What?"

"I........just didn't expect you to order fruit punch of all things."

She shrugged again," I like fruit punch, and you don't have much room to talk. You didn't even get a soda, you got water."

"I like water."

"So leave my beverage choices be, Edward," she said feigning seriousness.

She had taken her scarf and jacket off, leaving them on the seat next to her. A silver chain hung around her neck with two star charms dangling from it. He had asked her about the necklace a few days ago. He being Edward of course. One charm had belonged to her sister and was slightly misshapen, like it had been melted. He had also asked what happened to her sister to cause the star to look that way but the assistant quickly changed the subject. He deduced that whatever happened to her was not good.

Kylie snorted as the waitress, a tall and skinny woman in her early 70's, sat Ed's food in front of him.

"So Mister Sophistication ordered a grilled cheese sandwich and fries after mocking my choice in drinks?"

"So it seems," he said as he sipped his water.

The rest of the lunch break more or less just the two of them giving each other a hard time, until their server came back with their receipt and placed two chocolate malts in front of them.

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