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"Galavan is what?" The woman questioned in disbelief, a little reluctant to trust that what the odd man said was true. 

After all, he did just walk into her room about five minutes ago.

Oswald rolled his eyes," He's using you and your ginger friend. You're not going to be big stars and you're not going to be remembered like Mister Valeska thinks you are," he paused," you're going to be dead."

Kylie narrowed her eyes at the mobster," Why would he kill us? He's the one who pulled The Maniax! together."

"He did but did he inform you of his running for mayor? About what happened to all the other candidates?"

It was silent as the girl remembered what she had seen on the news the night prior and Oswald smiled as she slowly put two and two together.

"He killed them. Didn't he?"

He nodded solemnly," Indeed, although he had some...reluctant help."

"What did he do to you?" she inquired, remembering well what Galavan had threatened her with if she didn't cooperate.

He tensed in the chair he sat in," He kidnapped my mother. I don't know where she is or if she's even alive."

Kylie rested an unsure hand on his shoulder," He threatened to kill someone I care about too," she admitted," that's why no matter what, I have to go onstage at that Gala tomorrow night."

He looked up," He'll kill you," Oswald argued.

"To make himself look like a hero," the blonde finished with a sigh," I know."

The two sat in silence for a moment before she looked back at her new ally," Say, Oswald, think you could do something for me?"


"This costume is absolutely ridiculous," Kylie huffed as she fixed her feathery purple headdress for what had to bee the thousandth time in the past five minutes.

The blonde woman beside her shrugged lightly before adjusting her companions' accessory herself," I dunno, I kinda like it."

"Good for you, Babs. I'm glad you like this frilly monstrosity."

Barbara gave a little smile and leaned in towards the younger girl like she had some super big secret, cupping her hand around the side of her mouth," I'm not the only one who likes this getup if you know what I mean."

"What are you-" Kylie started as she pulled away from the blonde.

Her sentence was cut off, however, when the tall woman placed a hand on either side of her head and rotated it gently to her right.


"Yeah, 'oh'," Barbara snorted as Jerome grinned cheekily at the younger girl after being caught staring. 

The woman he had been talking to thanked him once more for being able to step in at such short notice before scurrying off somewhere to make sure everything was in order for the show. Just like an actual magician, the ginger appeared from nowhere between the two women.

"You two look magnifique," he proclaimed in some ridiculous accent prior to leaning a bit towards Kylie," Though I have to say, Doll, you look especially so."  

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