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"Rise and shine," a voice sang from its' place leaning against the wall.

Ed turned his head slowly as the voice let out a laugh, blinking his bleary eyes in confusion before they widened in shock," What are you doing here?" he demanded," I banished you for good."

"Almost," Edward chirped," companionship of a good woman and all of that. Though, we both know how that turned out," he made a face," Yikes."

 He turned away from the other version of himself,"That was an accident," the scientist asserted," I'm not that man. I'm gonna make this right."

He sniffled pitifully and Edward rolled his eyes," See, I knew you'd wake up all boo-hooey. You probably have half a mind to turn yourself in. Luckily," he said while gesturing to his head," I have the other half."

Ed's eyes narrowed but he plowed on nonetheless," Do you like magic tricks?"


"Of course, you like magic tricks. After all, I do. Well, guess what?" he questioned with a loud clap," I can make a body disappear." 

He gasped theatrically as Ed turned to look at the last place Miss Kringle's body had been.

Wide eyes took in the bed, empty save for a purple envelope, and a lump formed in the poor man's throat,"Where is she? Where is Ms. Kringle's body?" 

 Edward's lip curled, "Open the envelope." 

 "I hid her body while you were catching some Zs, you'll need a helping hand, so look for her initials down at the GCPD," he read with a sick feeling.

He paused and looked down at his clothing, gaze resting on his nametag. This was not what he had been wearing last night.

 "You went to my work last night?!"

 "Well, technically, you did," his spitting image answered with a jab of an index finger in his direction," I was just in the driver's seat, so to speak."

 "How?" Ed demanded," You're a figment of my imagination. A projection of impulse. Nothing more."

 The other half blinked and feigned offense,"That is uncalled for."

 "Uncalled for?" Ed shot back as he straightened his glasses," You hijacked my body while I was asleep and you stole my dead friend." His voice began to waver during the end. 

Edward laughed," Okay. Yeah, that's true," he became serious," But I'm doing this for your own good. If I was you... which, again, I sort of am... I'd get cracking."

He looked at his watch," You do want to find the body first, right?"


Two hours later, Ed was frantically pushing coins into a vending machine in the breakroom. Edward had somehow gotten Miss Kringle's hand inside of it and in the row KK. He was sure that his other half thought it amusing and clever to put it in such a place but for Ed it was hell. The breakroom was one of the most frequented places in the precinct, making it imperative that he get the severed part as quickly as possible to avoid being caught. He could only hope that none of the voices he heard speaking just outside the door entered the room and saw how frazzled and shaky he was. They would surely think something was up. Finally, after using a great deal of pocket change, it dropped to the bottom of the machine. He wasted no time shoving open the small door and yanking the hand from it before hiding it under his coat. The scientist moved as quickly as he could through the less frequented halls of the precinct, ignoring Edward's complaints about not grabbing all the sponge cakes they had paid for. His priorities were most concerning given the present situation. The door to his office slammed closed as he took the cold hand from its' hiding place and sat at his desk. He swallowed the growing lump in his throat as he unraveled the slip of paper attached.

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