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Fools ||Edward Nygma|| [1] by -JeromeValeska
Fools ||Edward Nygma|| [1]by -JeromeValeska
Charlotte Bateman was Edward Nygma's partner and best friend. She was in love with him, but he was already in love with another woman, Kristen Kringle. Working alongside...
Ilumination (Gotham story) by Lusamine134
Ilumination (Gotham story)by Just Another brick in the wall
Lilli and Ed are a unlikely pair of roommates in the bustling city of Gotham. Edward works for the Gotham PD. Lilli does the occasional odd job, Ed dosent know what jobs...
Psychotic Ex-Boyfriend (Jerome Valeska x Reader) by ElizaScarlet105
Psychotic Ex-Boyfriend (Jerome Val...by ♢ Liz ♢
You thought you knew everything about Jerome Valeska. He was your best friend. He was your boyfriend. You loved him. But seeing him transition to the insane, psychotic v...
GOTHAM IMAGINES by swanimagines
Just a collection of my Gotham imagines. These are from my Tumblr, https://swanimagines.tumblr.com I don't take requests on Wattpad anymore, and you have to go to my Tum...
Too Late by Sibuna14
Too Lateby Kellyann
Edward Nygma was always trying to get the attention of Kristen Kringle, with every try she pushed him away. He wanted to give up, until she came along. She was the only...
Penguin's Majesty by jessie5212
Penguin's Majestyby Jessie B.
After visiting Fish Mooney's club, she returns home and finds most of her staff/ friends are brutally murdered. She runs back to Fish and explains what happened when she...
Jerome's Doll by Cactus12232
Jerome's Dollby Tia Flynn-Kendrick
Aleera Bullock was a normal girl, that was up until she met a little psycho named Jerome Valeska.
dank gotham preferences! by verucasaltine
dank gotham preferences!by veruca saltine
its romance but just not romantic. WARNING I SWEAR ALOT SO IF YOUR a pussy byye i also know nothing about romance so stick with me here (first story lolz) im very new t...
There For You || Edward Nygma || [4] by -JeromeValeska
There For You || Edward Nygma || [...by -JeromeValeska
Still looking for Ed, Charlotte Bateman is growing desperate. She had been staying at the GCPD for three months and didn't find a clue of her lover's whereabouts. The th...
Serotonin. Ed Nygma . Season 1 by Cheshire--Cat
Serotonin. Ed Nygma . Season 1by Cheshire Who
Serotonin (/ˌsɛrəˈtoʊnɪn, ˌsɪərə-/[6][7][8]) or 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) is a monoamine neurotransmitter. It has a popular image as a contributor to feelings of well-b...
🌃{Gotham Imagines}🌃 by Kaylakuy
🌃{Gotham Imagines}🌃by We All Float Down Here.. 🎈
Welcome to the gloomy city of Gotham folks... 🦇😼👮🎩🌂👑🐧♦️❓🌃
Gotham Imagines by rainingfairies
Gotham Imaginesby rainingfairies
These are just short Gotham imagines - all character x reader. In fact, it's mostly Jerome x reader since he's my absolute fave :3 • Feel free to request stuff (unless i...
Inevitability by nygmobblepotpot
Inevitabilityby Jade Valeska
In search for Martin, Oswald ends up in the Narrows, and crosses Ed's path once again....
Light 'Em Up ||Jerome Valeska|| [1] by -JeromeValeska
Light 'Em Up ||Jerome Valeska|| [1]by -JeromeValeska
Kate Nickols was locked up in Arkham Asylum after committing a brutal crime. There she meets some new people, including a humorous, psychotic ginger and all together the...
Gotham Preferences by jollytamale
Gotham Preferencesby Francisca
I do not own any characters or events, they are all characters of Gotham. - This is for fun, I'd love to take requests.
Nygmobblepot - Just Friends? by nygmaismydad
Nygmobblepot - Just Friends?by RLT
Oswald is still in Arkham and he needs to get out as soon as possible, not only because he want to get back to he's Gotham Throne but he let the one who betrayed him tak...
Gotham imagines/Preferences ~❤~ by OldFashionedVillain_
Gotham imagines/Preferences ~❤~by Ash
Basically imagines about the characters of gotham (TV series) will contain: ~some smut ~curse words ~and some sensitive themes Other than that Enjoy! (Not all chapters...
Gotham Preferences/Imagines by turtleboi_1776
Gotham Preferences/Imaginesby Christine H. Laurens
Preferences and Imagines for the men of Gotham. The characters I'll do are as follows: Jim Gordon, Bruce Wayne, Jerome Valeska, Oswald Cobblepot, Victor Zsasz, Edward N...
Gotham imagines by LaneTheCar
Gotham imaginesby Lane
Just some oneshots and imagines about the various characters of the ever wonderful Gotham. I will take requests Those included will be: Oswald Cobblepot Jerome Valeska ...
Gotham Preferences and Imagines by beebo_fan
Gotham Preferences and Imaginesby Markidaddy
Characters I'll be doing James (Jim) Gordon Oswald Cobblepot Jerome Valeska Edward Nygma Bruce Wayne Victor Zsasz I've written all of this down and I hope you all like...