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A young woman walked down the sidewalk holding her long black coat closed as the wind did it's very best to whip it off of her small body. The trees she passed while she traveled were barren and their spindly branches creaked softly in the wind. You could barely hear the light noise with the sound of the train roaring in the distance and the clomp of her black platform heels on the concrete. She walked with her head aimed downward, doing her best to avoid being hit straight in the face by the strongly blowing gale, but she still kept herself aware of danger. She walked with a purpose, something you had to do when you inhabited a place such as this. You could not afford to look weak here, not if you wanted to live. Giving off the air of weakness was a one-way ticket to a dark alleyway and a sharp object at your throat. Luckily for her, she made it to her destination without incident. She stood on its front step and gazed up in awe at the Gotham City Police Department. The structure was decadent and neo-Gothic in design. It was absolutely beautiful. She let herself give a little smile at her new beginning.

She bounded up the grey stone stairs to the entrance of the police department. She pushed open the glass door and stepped into the main lobby. It was even more awe-inspiring inside with its hanging light fixtures and curving metal beams. The building was a true work of art. While she was standing in the entrance of the place, she got a few curious stares but she paid them no mind. She was too busy imagining the things the stones in the walls saw during the years this building was a precinct. 

Her musings were over as soon as she realized that she had absolutely no idea where she was supposed to meet Captain Essen.  She swallowed and looked around the room again. Almost everyone had gone back to their previous work and none of them looked anywhere near approachable. She was so busy trying to find a friendly face that when someone came up to her she took no notice.

"Excuse me, Ma'am; is there anything I can help you with?"

She turned with a start and found herself staring at a sandy-haired police officer with deep brown eyes and a great deal taller than her. 

It took a small moment for her to recover from the shock," Oh, um, yes, please. My name is Kylie Wood. I'm s-supposed to be meeting with the Captain a-about the Assistant Archivist job, and I h-have no clue where I'm to meet her."

She resisted the urge to facepalm. Why must she be so plagued by social ineptitude? To her surprise, however, the man smiled.

"I'm Johnny, Johnny Thomas. And y'know, I was actually just going to go out on patrol but I think I can show you where you need to go. I always did have a weakness for pretty ladies."

Kylie sighed in relief, what a lucky break she had gotten, finding a friendly person in a sea of strangers had looked like such a daunting task. She had no idea what she had been worrying about. She followed Officer Thomas up a small flight of stairs to a curved platform and watched as he knocked rather loudly on the wooden frame of a door, behind of which muffled voices were heard.

After two or three knocks he spoke, "Hey Cap, I've got your new Archivist out here."

A brief silence ensued and ended with a few short words spoken by an unknown party and the door opening to reveal two Detectives looking particularly unhappy.

She moved over so as to let them pass by without incident, but despite her effort, she received a very solid shoulder check by the larger of the two.

The man turned his head to look behind at her and glared, "Watch it."

And with that, he continued down the stairs mumbling something about a stupid broad, who she assumed was her.

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