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"They threatened you, you know..."

Kylie's words swirled about his mind as soon as they were uttered. Him? Threatened? How would anyone involved in her kidnapping know about him? And why would they target him, of all people? 

In the midst of his speculation, the woman in front of him spoke up with the obvious intention to elaborate. 

"You saw that birthday party on television, right? You told me that you always watch the late night news before...," she paused and something in her eyes changed, they were steely serious.

"I want you to know that they made me do those things but I also want you to know that I don't regret any of them-"

Ed's jaw clenched and his eyes shifted to an empty space just to the right of her face. She didn't regret anything, she said. She didn't regret letting Jerome touch her. She didn't regret kissing him or hugging him or calling him that disgusting  -.

His thoughts were interrupted by the feeling of Kylie's cold fingers gripping his chin and forcing him to look back at her. His brown eyes went wide and there was a flustered look on his face at the sudden, and rather harsh, action.

"- because," the blonde continued," it was all for you, Eddie. All of it."

"When I was kidnapped, I was given a choice. Join or die. It was a rather predictable situation and I gave a rather predictable answer. For a short amount of time, it was about me surviving until I received information on that party. I refused to do it. I failed to see the reason for killing a bunch of kids and told Galavan to find someone else for the job."

Ed started to speak but the fingers still gripping under his chin tightened their hold ever so slightly. A warning to not interrupt. 

"Of course, I didn't get away with that and Galavan had to make use of a different method of persuasion. He mentioned your name and told me how he'd make you disappear, make you suffer, if I didn't go through with it."

He blinked. All of it...had been for him? All of those lives lost so he could retain his? He knew he should be disgusted. He knew he should be horrified. Instead, he felt giddy at the thought that she was like him. Helping someone get away with murder was was one thing, but actually doing the killing was a whole other level. It was rather romantic if he really thought about it as the both of them extinguished lives in order to save each other.  He certainly wasn't expecting blackmail as a motive in the very beginning. The dark haired man had believed she had been tormented to the point of insanity when he had seen her onscreen. He had been the reason for all she had done but how she had managed to make it all feel so real? Suddenly, the night of his first murder came to mind, specifically the moment he had slipped into Kylie's room without her knowledge. He remembered eyeing her bookcase curiously, eyes flitting over mystery, thriller, and sci-fi novels before settling on a shelf of theatre books. They were old instruction texts, covering the theory and mechanics behind acting. Those books had been the only thing hinting to an experience in that art and so he hadn't really given them any thought until now. 

At this point, her hand slipped from his face and rested on the frayed quilt that lay over her legs. He took this as his chance to ask questions. He had quite a lot in need of answers.

He cleared his throat before posing his first," So, the whole "Guess" persona, that was all an act?"

A smile flicked at the corner of her mouth, half caused by the lack of revulsion she detected in her Eddie's reaction and half due to the fact that he had made the connection. He didn't know it but she had found out about the little unsupervised tour Ed had given himself of her bedroom. She had awoken the next morning to find her underwear drawer slightly open, the items inside noticeably rumpled, to her eye anyway. He also put one of her books back in the wrong place as, to him, there was no order into how they were arranged, and in addition, one of her glass animals (the snake) was position a little too far to the left. He wasn't as careful as he should of been.

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