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Before we get started I just wanted to say hello and thank you to all my readers.....So hello....and thank you for your votes, comments, and just being amazing people in general because we all know the Gotham fandom has the best people. I checked the demographics tab for this story and apparently I have readers in Germany and the UK?!? Hello from America guys, how are you? And also 1K reads!? That's a big deal (to me anyway) and to celebrate I thought about doing a little Q&A with me (the author) and the characters from this book. If you guys are interested, drop some questions in the comments. They can be about anything, and directed towards anyone! I (or the Gotham crew) will answer the best we can and we all look forward to the session :)

"You were the one. You killed those three kids because you knew that the person who murdered your sister wasn't going to face justice. He was going to get off Scott-free just like all the other times he broke the law. Leo was the mayor's kid, he could do no evil. You wanted him to pay."

Kylie bit the inside of her cheek as she narrowed her eyes at Galavan.

He leaned forward," Kailyn had been a threat to Mr Renolds, she was a better driver than him and he couldn't stand to lose. He made threats, demanding her to drop out of the running and you saw them, hell, they were even handwritten but the police disregarded them as if they were nothing,' he held a wrinkled slip of paper in the air for a moment before placing it on the desk," A week later, during one of the tournaments, her car blew up. No one cared and no one looked into it because most people just thought it was a stupid accident, that some teenager overheated their car. They stopped thinking that when the second person died during the next race," he shook his head sadly," poor Terri had been right behind Kailyn in the rankings, just like Jerimiah and Ryan. They knew there was a killer now, hunting the young racers of High Ridge and it didn't take them long to figure out who it was. "Leo" had slipped up quite a bit. He smoked a cigarette after placing the third bomb and was unlucky enough to be caught by a traffic cam planting the fourth. The boy's father couldn't protect him against that kind of evidence and he was charged with all four murders and sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole."

She remained silent as his eyes danced with excitement.

"You see, my dear, these papers only tell me so much. They spin a wonderful story but I think you could tell it better. I think you can tell me what really happened."

The assistant thought for a moment, running through everything she could do and what could happen if she did it. Theo waited patiently as she did this, almost as if he knew what the blonde was doing. Her thoughts came to a halt when she realized that there was really only one option as the others she had come up with all lead to her probable death. He wanted to know the story and it seemed as if the only way to ensure she didn't die today was to tell it. She had to reiterate her darkest secret before someone she didn't even know.

She leaned back into her chair with a defeated sigh, hoping he wouldn't kill her after storytime," Well, where would you like me to start, Mister Galavan?"

He smiled and Kylie immediately thought of a snake," At the beginning. I want to hear it all, every last detail."

"Alright," she breathed, hoping once more that this was the right decision," It happened during my first year of college. I was off getting my history degree and Kailyn was still at home, doing what she did best."

"And that was?" He interrupted.

The girl shot him a mild look of annoyance, nothing irked her more than people interrupting her," Racing. Drag racing."

"Anyway, our parents didn't know about it. They just thought she had gotten a job and that's where all the money came from. I got a call one day after my first class telling me that there had been an accident and that I needed to come home right away. So I drove like hell and when I got there, my whole world fell apart. My twin was dead, blown to bits on some crumbling road outside of town and everyone thought it was an accident," her voice wavered a bit here but she continued on," but I knew better. Kailyn and I called each other every day and she had been telling me about the notes she had been getting, ones that were demanding that she drop out of the tournament. I had freaked out but she kept telling me it was one of her friends playing a joke on her. She emailed pictures of them to me at university as proof but those things were no joke. They sounded serious and I urged her to tell someone. She didn't listen to me, though," Kylie smiled bitterly," she never did. Telling the cops about the notes would lead them straight to the races. I texted her the day of her last race, telling her to be careful and wishing her good luck."

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