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It was foggy and the wind nipped at her skin as she ran towards the warehouse. She had always hated the docks. The air rolling in off of the ocean was always cold and smelled like fish and rot. As Kylie ran past a marked police car, the pained groans she heard seemed to amplify. Whoever it was, it was clear they weren't winning the fight. Oswald was somewhere behind her, not too far, because every now and then she could catch the string of curses pouring from his mouth as he hobbled. She skidded to a halt at an open door. There were two policemen, nightsticks in hand, wailing on someone who was sprawled on the ground. One of the men shifted, bringing his stick high into the air and allowing her to clearly see who was laying down in a heap. Her gun raised and she pulled the trigger in one fluid motion, bringing down the cop before he could hit Jim Gordon another time. The other had barely enough time to look up before the sound of a second gunshot echoed through the building. Gabe stepped though the door, shotgun still smoking, with Oswald close behind. The birdlike man's eyes were furious, most likely because he had gathered pretty quickly that Galavan was long gone. She watched apprehensively as he approached Gordon and grabbed him by the collar. 

"Hello, Jim," he seethed," Lucky for you, Gabe had people following Galavan," he said with a tilt of his head towards his driver.

The detective's head lolled to one side and Oswald's eye twitched. 

He gave the man a sharp shake and pulled him up off of the ground," Now, where is he?"

Gordon's eyes fluttered a few times before sliding closed and Kylie took a hesitant step forward. Oswald was about to fly off the handle, she was sure of it, and it wasn't going to be the kind of tantrum he threw when she spoiled his dramas. It was going to be something a lot worse.

"Where's Galavan?!" 

His voice was growing in volume and she could see how his body was starting to quake in rage. She had to do something before it escalated into something that could get anyone hurt any more than they already were..

"Oswa-" she started, only to be cut off almost immediately.

"Tell me!" he shrieked suddenly, shaking Jim harshly over and over, "Where is Galavan?!"

Gordon's head lolled around like a doll's coming painfully close to smacking off the hard concrete floor. This had to stop right now or whatever information the mobster was trying to glean from the detective was going to end up splattered on the ground.

"Oswald!" she screamed, half hoping that getting his attention would make him come to his senses. 

He ignored her, though she wasn't sure if it was because he couldn't hear her over his own yelling or if he just didn't care. He dropped Gordon on the ground and raised a fist, still demanding the whereabouts of Galavan. Kylie's eyes went wide and Oswald's fist cracked down on the detective's already battered face.

She rushed forward in horror, if he didn't stop he was going to kill their only lead on that lying bastard. 

"Oswald, stop it!" she demanded, as she gripped his shoulder tight with one hand.

He snarled and shook her off almost immediately, bringing another fist across the unconscious man's face. Her jaw clenched in frustration and this time she clapped both hands firmly over both shoulders after holstering her gun. With one hard shove she managed to topple him from his position over Gordon. He let out noise somewhere between a grunt and a scream as he hit the ground.

"What do you think you're doing?" he spat, eyes filled with venom," I could have you-"

"I told you to stop it," she snapped," Look at him, Oswald! Do you really think that man can tell you anything after having his ass kicked like that. All you've done is made his condition worse!"

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