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I got bored so I made a floor plan of Kylie's apartment.


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The sky had long since darkened by the time Kylie reached the fifth episode of Doctor Who that night. Well, the sky had gotten as dark as it was going to get with all the signs outside. In fact, her living room was cast in a pale green glow that was filtering through her dark purple curtains. It was annoying when she first moved to Gotham but she quickly became used to it. She itched at her wrist brace absentmindedly as she watched the television with heavy eyelids. She was lucky to have found it and avoid a visit to Gotham General. As of now she was curled up on her small, but comfy blue and white checkered couch and snuggled into an Avengers blanket. After almost nodding off for the third time that night she pried herself from the couch and wrapped the blanket around her. If she hurried, maybe she would make it back before the end of the commercial break. The girl shuffled across the room and into the kitchen, unicorn slippers sliding against the scratched up hardwood floors. She tripped once on the blanket and barely caught herself on the island. She groaned and hiked up the warm piece of cloth. The assistant was tired. So, so tired after such a crazy week. Befriending a murderer who thought she was pretty and had a bit of a pain kink, finding out Kristen was being abused, and getting a fucked up wrist really took it out of a girl. All she wanted to do was sleep so she could get up early and go shopping before everything on sale was gone. Unfortunately, tonight was a double feature of new episodes. She couldn't miss that, dirt cheap dresses be damned.

Kylie yanked open the freezer with her good hand and pulled out a tub of cookie dough ice cream, sighing longingly. She kicked the door closed and picked up a spoon from a drawer before making her way back to the couch. The show returned right as she flopped back down and dug into her treat. Halfway through the second episode and her container of ice cream she had a heart attack.

Her cell phone, which had been sitting untouched on the coffee table since she had gotten home, suddenly sprang to life, vibrating and blaring Insane in the Brain by Cypress Hill. She let out a screech and nearly dropped her ice cream. After fumbling around for a moment, she grabbed the phone and flipped it open before burrowing her brow.

Why the hell would Ed be calling her at 12:30 at night? Or at all? And she didn't even think he stayed up this late. She answered it with a shrug.

"Hey, Eddie," the blonde said with a yawn while stretching slightly.

"Kylie, oh thank gosh, I, uh, is there - is there somewhere I can meet you?"

She turned down the television, as he spoke, trying to figure out what he was rushing out.

"Meet you? What? Ed, it's like two in the morning."

"Please, "he pleaded, "I- I don't know what to do.

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