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The next couple days were absolute hell. Actually, Kylie figured that was a gross understatement. In fact, she'd rather be in there than in Gotham. Maybe there wouldn't be so much paperwork..... "The Maniax!" as the group of escapees called themselves had recently hijacked a bus full of cheerleaders and football players, doused them all in gasoline, and tried to light the kids ablaze. You wouldn't believe the number of sobbing girls that were paraded around the precinct in order to get their statements. You also wouldn't believe how many times Detective Gordon had asked if Jerome had said anything about his future plans when she spoke to him in her office before he had been arrested. Essen had even called her into her office in order to grill the assistant further. The Captain went so far as to assign an officer to drive her home every day after work and check in with her on days off. It was all entirely unnecessary in Kylie's opinion. All she did was talk to the guy for a bit. It wasn't like he was going to remember her, murderers usually have things other than unimportant assistants on their minds. 

Not that she'd know.

All she knew is that she needed to get these files back to Kristen before the redhead blew a gasket. According to the archivist, these particular pieces of paper had been out for over two months and no one had had any idea where they'd gone. Not even the newly promoted Offi- no - Detective Johnny Thomas, the person who signed them out in the first place. He claimed that he sent them back weeks ago.

Kylie found the manilla folder shoved under the leg of his rickety desk, keeping the piece of scrap metal level. There were only two good things that stemmed from her interaction with the slimeball. One, the blonde saw an ever so tiny glimmer of fear in his eyes when he saw her waiting for him at his desk. And two, the way his mouth dropped open when she pulled the papers from under his desk, sending everything on it sliding to the ground. He hadn't bothered her directly in quite a while, finding other targets that weren't as feisty had been how he spent his time. In fact, she had seen one, a pretty little intern, smile, eyes shining with laughter when Kylie upset the desk. That had made the small break in her act totally worth it. She smiled to herself as she remembered the look on Thomas' face a few moments ago while making her way down the hall to the records annex. Today, the same glossy white heels she had worn after Officer Dougherty's murder clicked against the stained tile flooring and a light blue dress peppered with daisies brushed against her legs. Her sweet act had only raised one set of eyebrows so far and those belonged to Kristen Kringle, the only person who found the style and slight behavioral change weird. However, it was easy to mislead her, only a few stuttered words when the woman asked why she was so chipper and a light blush when Kristen voiced her idea of Kylie having found a guy and she was in the clear. She felt the need to press one of those "That was easy" buttons. 

The blonde stopped in front of the entrance to the archives and rapped against the door as she opened it. 

"Hey, Kringle, I've got that-" her sentence was cut off with a little huff of air.

She wasn't here. Kylie had dropped everything she was doing this morning to find the stupid files she had been complaining about since forever only to have her not be in her office. It wasn't like the assistant could file it herself, Kristen's filing system was a wreck and the only person who really knew how to find things was the redhead herself. She let out a noise of frustration and slapped the folder down on her desk, jumping when the noise it made was louder than usual, more of a bang than a smack that papers would normally make. 

Then she heard the screams and more of what had to be gunshots. She took a few steps away from the frosted glass of the annex door towards the small storeroom in the back of the musty room before all the blood drained from her face. If Kristen wasn't here........where would she be other than the lobby? And Ed.........oh God...........

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