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Kim Taehyung

Here I am filiming the drama. Sigh today is gonna be a long day for me.

"I brought you coffee"

I startled.

"Oh mian. I didn't mean too" Irene noona look at me with worried eyes.

"Ah noona. Gwenchana. Kamsah Hamidah" I said and took the coffee from her.

"You look tired"

"Hmm. Yea very tired" I admit

She chuckle.

"Himnae!! I know it's gonna be a long day but I know you can do it" She cheered for me.

It's damn cute.

"Ah kamsah hamidah noona" I smiled.

"Why are you so kind? Wish you were mine"

Bae Irene

I am now talking to Taehyung when I don't realise Seulgi came.

"Unnie" She shouted.

"Oh, Seulgi. What are you doing here?" I ask

"Can't I cheer for my unnie?" She ask

I nod my head. Both Taehyung and Seulgi were introducing themselves and the door suddenly open revealing Jimin and Jungkook.

"Oh hyung annyeong" Jungkook greet his hyung.

Instead of him asking them what are they doing here he went towards them and they bro hug.

They saw me and Seulgi , both of them bow to us. I look towards Seulgi and I can see her smiling like an idiot.

"Yah what's wrong with you?" I ask

"A....ni" She stutter.

The guys chuckle at how she stutter, aigoo uri seulgi-ah.

We are now talking and I got to admit I am very hungry as I only had coffee.

"Can you call Wendy to bring food?" I ask Seulgi.

"She is busy can I call Yeri instead?" She ask back.

I nod my head.

Few minutes later

"Unnie!!" I heard Yeri's voice.

"Oh Yeri-ah" Seulgi came and greet her.

She look towards the boys and bow at them.

"Oh by the way I brought food for everyone" She said.

All of the crew thank us and we eat together.

"The food is good" Taehyung compliment

"Ah, you should thank Wendy." I said

"Well can you help me to thank her ?" He ask

I nod my head and smile at him. I look towards my members and they were giving me their teasing look.

"Bwo!?" I yelled at them.

Both of them burst out laughing including the guys.

I hid my face.

"Aigoo kyeopta" I look towards Taehyung and he smiled.

"Dammit Kim Taehyung. Why are you making me feeling like this?"

Kim Yerim

"Unnie I got a feeling that Irene unnie likes Taehyung oppa." I blurted out.

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