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Park Jimin

Today I am going to be emcee on Inkigayo with J-Hope hyung and I heard that we will be with two more idols. We are now at the waiting room and the two other didn't seem to turn up yet.

"Yah Jimin what if they are Red Velvet members? " J-Hope hyung ask.

"I don't think so. I mean Yeri had tried emceeing even Irene noona, they should obviously give other people a chance" I said

J-Hope hyung shrug and went off to find food. I was playing my phone when I saw two idols went in while bowing to the staff. They look at me and smiled.

"Deul Set. Happiness! Annyeonghaseyo Red velvet inimida. Please take care of us" Two of them said their greeting.

"Ah anneyonghaseyo BTS Jimin inimida" I bow to them back.

"I am Wendy and this is Seulgi" Wendy introduce themselves.

Just as I was about to say something J-Hope hyung barge in. The girls look at him and did the same thing.

"Annyeong! I'm your angel I am your hope J-Hope"

The girls laugh at his introduction.

"Let's not be awkward with each other" J-Hope hyung said while looking at me then to the girls.

Kang Seulgi

It was getting pretty awkward you can say. J-Hope sunbae is rehearsing his lines with the help of Wendy while Jimin sunbae is staring out of space.

"Ann....yeonghaseyo" Jimin sunbae stutter.

I chuckle

"Annyeong sunbae-nim" I said

"Aish there's no need for you to call me that, I feel so old" He pout.

Omo he is so cute.

"Arraso. Jiminnie?"

"Ya sure, Seulgi Noona?" He ask.

I nod my head.

"Funny how you're older than me but you look young" He stated.

"Kamsah Hamidah" I showed him my eye-smile.

We were talking and getting to know one another when the staff called for us.

During Inkigayo

"Annyeonghaseyo! We are your emcees for today! I'm your hope J-Hope" Said J-Hope oppa.

"I'm Jimin" He showed his eye-smile

"Deul Set! Happiness! Annyeonghaseyo Seulgi inimida" I said

"Wendy inimida" She smiled.

End Of Inkigayo

Being the emcees is very fun especially with Idols like J-Hope oppa. It's finally the end. Me and Wendy had so much fun. Finally I get to meet Jimin.

Park Jimin

We are now at the waiting room , waiting for our manger.

"Yah Jimin why don't you ask her number?" J-Hope hyung blurted out.

"Bwo? Micheosso? What if the CEO caught me or what if the fans caught the both of us?" I ask

"Yah are you dumb or dumb? Is just a freaking number. Am not asking you to date her just a number pabo" He rolled eyes at me.

"Well why don't you ask Wendy noona first and if you did it I will ask too" I challenged him.

He nod his head and went ahead to find Wendy noona.

After a few minutes he came back with a smile on the face.

"Well Mr Park Jimin, it is your turn now" He said

I sigh and went to Seulgi noona.

Kang Seulgi

I was talking to Wendy when she suddenly nudge me and told me to look behind. I did and saw Jimin walking towards us.

"Ohh, I guessed he wants to ask you out?" Wendy smirked.

I smacked her while she wince in pain.

"Annyeonghaseyo. Uh can I talk to Seulgi privately?" He ask

Just as I was about to answer I got cut off by Wendy. "Oh sure . I will see you at the lobby bye" Wendy winked at me.

"So what is it?" I ask him

"Uh can..... I..... ha....ve you....r'e number" He stutter.


"Yah sure can" I smiled

We took out our phones and exchange phone numbers.

"If you need anything just message me and I will do my best to reply you" He said.

I nod my head and he wave goodbye

Park Jimin

I went in the waiting room and shove my phone infront of J-Hope's face.

"Well done Park Jimin" He said.

"Just so you know , I didn't ask Wendy's number." He said bluntly and went off.

Aish this hyung.

Kang Seulgi

I went to the lobby and meet Wendy.

"What did he said?" She ask

"Nothing. Just for my number" I replied

She gave me the teasing look while I laugh.

'Sigh Park Jimin you make me fall inlove with you deeper'

'Sigh Park Jimin you make me fall inlove with you deeper'

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Chapter 3


Kamsah Hamidah
Thank You

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