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Lately Jimin and Seulgi has been texting each other. Jungkook and Yeri met during a reality show. Irene and V is acting in the same drama.

Park Sooyoung

"Unnie. I am very hungry. Can we like go out and eat since we do not have any schedule today" Yeri suggested.

"Hmm I will be on Yeri side since I heard there is a new cafe open near Big Hit Company" Wendy unnie added.

Seulgi unnie eyes widen when Wendy unnie said that hmm weird. I look towards Yeri and I could see sparkle in her eyes.

"Excited much?" I whisper to Yeri.

She nudge me and told me to keep quiet. Not all members know that she admire Jungkook only me and Seulgi unnie knows it. She is not planning to tell Wendy and Irene unnie yet because Wendy unnie won't really matter about this but she will keep on teasing Yeri. As for Irene unnie well since she's the leader Yeri is afraid she would blast off and nag at her so she keep this as a secret.

"So should we go there?" Irene unnie ask.

"Aye. Do you want to go to the cafe or the company?" Yeri smirked.

"BWO?!" Irene unnie yelled.

Hmm what is going on here.

"Enough teasing. Let's go now" Wendy unnie said.

We put on our masks and basketball cap and we went out.

Jeon Jungkook

"Okay guys that's it for today! I am letting you guys off early as I have urgent matters to settle" Our dance instructor said.

"Nae! Kamsah Hamidah" Rap Mon hyung bow while the rest of us did the same.

"Guys I've heard that the new cafe near our company is good. Wanna try?" Jin hyung ask.

As much as we all want to reject since we are tired. Our stomachs are already growling.

"I'm in" I said

"Me too"

"Me three!"

"Count the both of us in" J-Hope and Jimin hyung said together.

"As much as I wanna sleep. I will be going too" Suga hyung replied.

We packed up. Put our masks on and went out.

Son Wendy

We arrived at the Cafe and there are not many people here as it is the weekday and most of the people are at work or school.

"Anneyonghaseyo! Are you guys red velvet?!" The waiter ask excitedly.

"Uh yea..." I said nervously

"Don't worry I am not a saesang fan. Can I have an autograph?" She ask.

We nod our head and she took out our latest album. We signed for her and she assigned us our table.

As we are talking , I heard the door open I look up and see seven guys going in.

"Welcome... OMO are you guys BTS?!" The waiter exclaimed.

Luckily there aren't many people here infact there is only elderly couples who are enjoying their tea.

They did what we did just now and they sat opposite us.

I look towards my members and they were all stealing glances at them. I look at Suga and we made eye contact. I look away and I could feel my cheeks burning.

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