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Kang Seulgi

"Unnie! Can you accompany me to eat chicken. I'm craving for it but no one to tag along" Uri maknae pout.

"Aigoo, I am pretty tired"

I pat her head.

"Unnie! Juseyo" She uses her aegyo.

"Aish this kid. Fine fine let's go" I said.

She jumped up and down like a little kid.
Sometimes I wonder if she's 17 or 7.

As we were about to walk off , Irene unnie came out from her room and stop the both of us.

"Where do you think you guys are going?" She ask with her hands on her hips.

"uh out." I answer her.

"And who says you can go out" She ask again.

"Well Yeri crave for chicken so me being the nice unnie is going out with her and accompany her to eat chicken" I explained while Yeri keep on nodding her head.

"Hm fine I will let you off. Since you are going out to eat , buy for Wendy and Joy too" She said.

"Unnie do you want anything?" The little one ask.

"Hmm, get me tteokbokki" She said.

We both nod our head and head off.

As we were walking , we talk about random stuff.

"Unnie, do you like Jimin oppa?" Yeri suddenly ask.

"Uh. Why do you ask?" I try not to stutter.

"Well you and Jimin oppa keep on meeting unexpectedly don't you feel weird or curious? And don't you like develop feelings?" She keep on throwing me questions.

"Honestly Yeri I don't even know. I mean yes I do develop feelings towards him and yes sometimes I feel kinda weird because we keep on meeting each other unexpectedly but *sigh* I don't know Yeri I mean even if I like him or even if we both like each other we can't get together right" I admited.

Honestly I feel like crying. Not because I want Jimin but is because I have been keeping this feeling for quite a long time and it hurts knowing even if we like each other, it will not work out.

"Unnie don't worry I feel you too" Yeri said looking down.

"Hey let's stop talking about this and talk about other stuff" I said looking at Yeri sad face.

Once we enter the shop, there were alot of people and looks like there is no place to sit.

"Unnie let's just take away and eat at home with the rest." Yeri said looking at the amount of people in the shop.

I nod my head and wait patiently. Me and Yeri were talking and laughing silently when we heard familiar voices behind us. Yeri look at the back and smirk at me.

"I guess you guys are meant to be together " She said while smirking.

I look at the back.

"Oh noona annyeong" He show his eye-smile

"Park Jimin why do I always meet you?"

Park Jimin

"Jimin I'm hungry" Suga hyung blurted out.

"And what does that got to do with me?" I ask him.

He smack my head.

"Ya pabo. Accompany me to go eat" He said.

I sigh and went out with him.

"Guys don't forget to buy for us food too!" I heard Jin hyung yelling.

"Where should we eat?" I ask.

"Hmm I want chicken" He said.

I nod my head and we went in to the shop.

"Hyung let's just eat at home. There's no place to sit" I said.

"Okay then."

We were both waiting in line patiently when we saw a familiar girl queuing up.

"Isn't that Yeri from Red Velvet?" Suga hyung ask.

I look closely and yeap it's her.

"She look diffrent." I blurted out.

"Well that's because her hair color is red"

Well then who is beside her. We keep on talking when both of them look behind.

"Oh nonna annyeong" I show her my eye-smile.

"Ah annyeonghaseyo Jimin. Annyeonghaseyo Suga sunbae" She bow and Yeri did the same.

"Aigoo don't be too formal just call me oppa will do" Suga hyung said.

The girls nod their head.

"Wow your hair color is nice , it suits you and you look cute" I compliment her.

I could see Seulgi noona blushing.

"Ah kamsah hamidah"

We were both staring at each other when we heard fake coughs.

"We are in public" Suga hyung said.

"And why don't you compliment me ?" Yeri pout.

"That's because you have our kookie to do so " I said and I can see her blushing.

"Aigoo the maknae couple" Suga hyung said and we laugh.

Once we have bought our stuff we bid the girls goodbye and went back to the dorm. I decide to text Seulgi noona.

Park Jimin: "That was an unexpected meet up tho. Anyways goodluck on your comeback! Hwaiting 💯😊"

Seulgi Noona: "Aigoo kamsah hamidah. And yes that was unexpected hehe okok gtg bye 😌"

"When will I have the time to confess ?"

"When will I have the time to confess ?"

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Chapter 8

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