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Son Wendy

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Son Wendy

"Unnie kajja, I do not want to be late" Yeri said while dragging me to the carpark.

We are basically going to see BTS last performance and I was actually busy but Seulgi force me to go as all of the members are going.

"Unnie gwenchana?" Joy ask

"Hm molla." I shrug.

"Is it you are shy to see him?" Irene unnie ask.

I nod my head

"Shy shy shy" Yeri sings while doing the dance.

"Wendy-shii it's okay, I'm sure when we arrive he is sleeping so you don't have to be nervous" Seulgi joke and I manage to laugh.

"Gomawo" I said.

Once we arrive, alot of fans came to us while taking pictures of us and they even ask why are we here as our promotions has ended. We went in and quickly search for Bangtan's waiting room. We arrive infront of their door and I could see my members getting nervous, Yeri knock on the door softly and honestly it can't even hear.

"Yah, how can they hear if you knock like that?" Joy ask softly.

"Well you knock then" Yeri said and pout.

Joy knock on the door and the door open revealing Suga oppa.

"Hi girls, get in your namja chingu has been waiting for you guys" Suga oppa said

"Except for me" Joy said

"Count me in" I add in.

"You sure Wendy unnie?" Joy ask smirking earning a pinch from me.

"Ah appo" She whine.

"That's what you get for teasing me " I replied.

Other members including Suga oppa laugh at us and we went in.

Irene unnie, Yeri and Seulgi got greeted by their boyfriends, whereas for me and Joy we just sit down on the sofa and look at each other.

"Why am I even here?" Joy ask and all of us look at her.

"Bwo?" She ask

"You do not like hanging out with us?" J-Hope ask

"It's not that I do not like but once we are here, you guys will go to your loved ones and I'm here doing nothing" Joy pouts.

"Me too" I said.

"You sure?" Seulgi ask smirking

"Duh" I said

"But I thought you want to meet Min Y-"

"Ya Joy ah unnie want's to play the game that you always play. Teach me" I said while laughing nervously.

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