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Jeon Jungkook

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Jeon Jungkook

"Hyung I am going to the store. You need anything?" I ask Taehyung hyung

"No thanks" He replied. I went out and ask the rest of my members.

"It's okay kookie we don't need anything" Jimin hyung said. Hearing him calling me 'kookie' reminds me of Yeri. Hais I miss her so so much.

"Okay. I'm going off now" I said.

"Yah don't come home late" Jin hyung warned me.

"Arraso eomma" I joked and the rest of my members laugh.

"Ah maknae. You're not meeting her right" Namjoon hyung ask.

"Sadly no." I said and he nod his head.

I let out a sad smile and went out.

When I arrive at the store, I saw a familiar figure sitting down while eating ramen. I got what I want and went towards her. I tap her shoulders and since I was wearing a mask , I took it off. She look at me and she was shock, I did too.

"Kim Yerim?"

Kim Yerim

"Unnie I will be out for awhile only and I am not going far, It's the store nearby our dorm. Jebal" I plead Irene unnie

"Aish this maknae. Arraso but it's late at night and I'm afraid something might happen. You do know you can't leave at this timing since you have your curfew " Irene unnie said.

"Ah if we keep this as a secret no one will know. Unnie jebal" I said using a little bit of aegyo.

"Omo stop with your aegyo please. Arraso , you can go but be home early" Irene unnie said.

I nod my head and just as I was about to go Seulgi unnie stop me.

"You're not meeting him right?" She ask

"Hm aniya. I am going alone" I said looking down.

I miss you kookie oppa.

"Arraso. Okay bye,take care. Since it's late at night."

"Nae unnie. Thank you for keeping this as a secret." I said and went out.

I went to the store and grab something to eat. I check the time and I still have time. I sat down and eat my ramen, as I was eating I saw someone entering the store. He covered his face with a mask so I couldn't really tell who. I shrug it off and enjoy my ramen. The guy that cover his face came towards me and tap my shoulders. I look at him and he took of his mask, I was shock.

"Kim Yerim?"

"Oh Jungkook oppa" I said.

"What are you doing here? I thought you are not allow to go out this timing?" He ask.

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