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Kim Yerim

"Yah! Maknae you should be happy that you're meeting 'him' and it's the last episode for today so himnae and have fun" Joy unnie said.

I look at her giving her a small smile. Yes I can't wait to meet 'him' but I am very very tired with the hetic schedule. Kim Yerim hwaiting!

"Bye unnie. I am going now" I said to Joy unnie while giving her a hug.

"Oh Yeri, you're going now? Well since you can't have breakfast with us, I pack for you" Wendy unnie said and gave me the food that she pack.

"Kamsah Hamidah unnie. Saranghae!" I said and hug her.

I went in the car and eat the food that Wendy unnie made.

Once I have arrive, I see the same people and as per normal I greet all of them. I was daydreaming when suddenly I recieve a text.

Kookie Oppa: "Aye you're daydreaming again"

I look infront and I can see Jungkook Oppa chuckling.

Kim Yerim: "Oh oppa. Well there's nothing to do so I daydream."


He didn't reply. I look to where he was standing and he was not there, weird.

"Looking for me?" Jungkook oppa said out of nowhere.

I startled.

"Yah! You shouldn't do that" I said pouting.

"Aw, Is my yerimmie sad?" He ask

My yerimmie?

"Am not" I said looking elsewhere.

"By the way your red hair suits you and you look adorable" He compliment me.

"Kamsah Hamidah" I flash him a smile.

"By the way you're going anywhere after this?" He ask.

"Ya. I need to go Inkigayo for my comeback. What about you?" I said .

Before he wants to reply. The director told us to get ready.

"Talk to you later!" He said

"You make my day better oppa"

Jeon Jungkook

Once the show is done , I went to find for Yeri. As I was walking I bump into Tzuyu from Twice.

"Oh annyeonghaseyo Sunbae-nim" She bow.

"Ah annyeong" I said.

"Where are you going?" She ask.

"Somewhere" I answer her.

As we were talking I saw Yeri and just as I was about to approach her she went the other way.

"Uh hey I gotta go see you around Tzuyu" I said.

I keep on searching for Yeri.

"There you are" I said

"You're searching for me?" She ask.

"Don't act blur. I saw you walking towards me but stop when you saw Tzuyu. Are you perharps Jealous?" I smirk.

"Aniya" She protest.

"Hm ya right"

" I am Jealous?" She mumble but loud enough for me to hear.

"I'm sorry what is it" I get close to her.

"Hmph fine I am jealous . Happy now" She then stormed off.

I grab her wrist and drag her to the rooftop. Once we reach I hug her.

"Oppa, what are you doing?" She ask

"Can we stay like this for awhile?" I ask and she nod her head.

Once I'm done hugging her, she look at me confuse.

"Sorry for hugging you suddenly but honestly I couldn't hold any longer. Kim Yerim I like you" I confessed.

She was surprised.

"I like you too oppa but the fans , media, company how?" She ask worried.

"We can secretly date right?" I ask.

"Ya and it can only last a few months"

I pout when she said that.

"But it's worth a try" She continued.

I smile at her and give her a quick hug.

"Okay I have to go now oppa. My manager is waiting for me. Saranghae" She said and went off.

"Nado saranghae" I said.

At the dorm

"Hyung I confess to her" I blurted out.

"What you did?! You're faster than me. So what did she said" Jimin hyung said.

"She likes me too" I smile.

"Are you guys dating?" He ask.

"Hm secretly dating"

"Nice one maknae. Indeed a golden maknae" Jimin hyung said.

"What about you hyung?" I ask

"Soon" He replied.

I grab my phone and text her.

Jungkook:" Goodnight. Sleep well. See you soon. Saranghae 💜"

Yerimmie:"Oh oppa. Goodnight Sleep well too! See you ! Nado saranghae!! ❤"

"I guess we are meant to be together"

"I guess we are meant to be together"

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Chapter 9


Kamsah Hamidah
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