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Park Jimin

"Ya Park Jimin did she wish you yesterday?" J-hope hyung ask.

I shake my head sadly.

"Hyung. You do know what happen to her right?" Jungkook ask

"Bwo? Molla" I replied.

"Aigoo. She got into an accident, with my girlfriend" Jungkook explained.

"Jinjja? Oh my is she okay?!" I ask worried.

The rest of the members smirk.

"I don't know but I am visiting them tomorrow. Wanna join?" He ask

I nod my head. Hope she's okay.

Kang Seulgi

"Unnie feeling better?"Joy ask

"I guess. Where's Yeri is she okay?" I ask her back.

"She's resting." Joy replied.

I nod my head and look towards irene.

"Unnie why are you smiling like an idiot?" I ask giggling.

"Oh. It's Bangtan's comeback. They look cool" She replied.

"Oh really? Let me see" I said and went over to her.

I look at their Mcountdown performance. Jimin is so cute and hot.

"When was their comeback performance?" I ask

"Yesterday" She replied.

"Uh date?" I ask

"13 October " She replied.

"Why does that date reminds me of someone?" I ask myself.

"Cause it's Jimin's birthday" Wendy replied.

"JINJJA?!" I yelled.

"Ya! My ears hurt" Irene unni smack my head.

"Ah appo. Hehe mian" I said.

"You didn't wish him right?" Wendy ask

"No. Oh my I feel so bad" I said.

Irene unnie and Wendy smirk.

"Wae?" I ask

"You are never like this Kang Seulgi. Aigoo what happen?" Wendy ask

"Hmm. Molla" I replied.

"Aigoo uri Seulgi is inlove" Irene unnie tease me.

"Ah hajima" I blush.

The Next day

"Unnie!! Ireona!!" I heard Yeri yelling.

"Ugh. Yeri why are you yelling and are you okay?" I ask

"My scars still hurt but I am fine because my namja chingu is coming" She smile widely.

"Oh Jungkook?" I ask

She nod her head

"His alone?" I ask again

"Molla. Wae, you want to meet him is it?"Yeri ask smirking.

"Ani. Just asking" I deny.

"Hm arraso"

I do hope he comes.

I head to the bathroom and took a shower. Once done I head to the dining table and eat with the rest of the members.

"Maknae. When is Jungkook coming?" Irene unnie ask.

"Hm. He said in the afternoon" Yeri replied.

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