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Lately Taehyung and Irene has been meeting each other. And they both have  develop feelings for each other but Irene tried to shrug it off as she knows dating is not allowed.

Bae Irene

"Oh unnie where are you going?" The little one ask.

"Out" I replied.

"Duh obviously it's out. But where?" Yeri look at her annoyed.

"I am going to Han River" I said.

"Oh is it with that alien oppa?" She ask

"Yah! He is not an ailen" I scolded her.

"Aye why are you so protective" She ask while smirking.

I rolled eyes at her and told her to go away.

Once I am done, I went out of the room and all of them look at me while smirking.

"Why are you guys looking at me like that?" I ask

Instead of replying all of them look towards the door.

"Annyeonghaseyo noona" He said.

"Oh Taehyung-ah. Am I late?" I ask

"Ani. But noona you're done right?" He ask

I nod my head.

"Kajja" He said.

"Bye girls. Don't mess up the dorm" I warned them

"Arraso. Now shoo go and have fun on your date" Seulgi wink

"It's not a-

"Thank you Seulgi noona" Taehyung cut me off.

Once we are out we both walk to Han River, thank god there is not alot of people.

"So noona how are you?" He ask

"Hm I am fine. You?"

"Fine too" He said

"Oh congratulations on your 3rd win! You guys deserve it" I said

"Ah gomawo. You watch music bank ?" He ask

I nod my head.

"You know Seulgi and Yeri is basically dating your members obviously we will watch" I said.

"Ah so you watch because of them not because you want to see me perform?" He ask showing a sad smile.

"Aniya. I mean I do want to see you perform that's why I watch if not I will be in my room or do laundry" I said

"Speaking of laundry I heard you are an MC for a new show called 'Laundry Day' right?" He ask

"Oh how do you know?" I ask him

"I have my ways" He smirk while I chuckle.

"Anyways we're here want to grab something to eat and we can sit on that bench there"

"Sure" I said

Once we got our stuff we went to sit on the bench and eat our food.

Kim Taehyung

"Ah noona there is something on your lips. Here let me help you" I use my thumb and rub off the sauce that is on the corner of her lips.

"Go..m...a.wo" She stutter

I chuckle. "Aigoo why is noona stuttering , do you like me?" I tease her

"Bwo?! Aniya" She defend.

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