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Bae Irene

"Yah Kim Yerim wake up!!" I shouted at Yeri who is still sleeping.

"Ah unnie. I am very very tired can you like give me another half an hour to sleep?" Yeri ask while her eyes were half open.

"No! We have schedule and we need to go right now! " I yelled at her

"Yes Yeri. We are going to film running man with BTS" Wendy barge in

And with that Yeri shoot up hearing the word running man. She rush to the bathroom while I thank Wendy.

Filming running man with BTS sunbae, I hope everything will be alright.

Kim Taehyung

"Ice cream , you scream gimme gimme that Ice cream" J-Hope hyung singing.

We are on our way to film running man. The hyungs are very very excited as today guests are us and Red Velvet.

Jin hyung, Jimin and Hope hyung wants to get close with them so I guess this is their chance.

Arrive at the Set

While we were all waiting for Red Velvet. A black car stop and when the door open, it reveals the members. I got to admit that all of them look very pretty especially the leader, Irene.

Bae Irene

"Today we have a very special guests for you guys here in running man" Jae Suk sunbae annouce while the other members gave him reactions.

"Let us welcome Bangtan Sonyeondan!"

The running man members cheer while they dance to their new song 'Fire'. The guy with the red colour hair stood out the most.

"Wow! Daebak!" Gary sunbae cheered

"Deul Set! Bangtan annyeonghaseyo Bangtan Sonyeodan inimida!" The boys said their greetings.

"We have one more guests to call out and that is *Sings Dumb Dumb* "

"Jinjja!?" Kwang Soo sunbae exclaimed

"Red Velvet!"

We went out and dance to Dumb Dumb.

"Wow! the dance moves are awesome!" Jihyo unnie compliment.

"Deul! Set! Happiness annyeonghaseyo Red Velvet inimida!" We said our greetings.

"Aigoo. Kyeopta" Seok Jin sunbae compliment.

Skip to break time

"Unnie, I am very very tired" Our maknae Yeri complain.

We just finish one part of it and since we are having a break we eat some snacks that they provide. We had lots of fun. Since it is summer, we play alot of water activities.

"Uh Irene noona. We bought ice-creams for you guys. Please have it" The red hair guy offer me.

"Ah kamsah hamidah....."

"Kim Taehyung but for short Taehyung Or V " He smiled

I chuckle at how he introduce himself.

"Ah nae Taehyung-sshi" I smiled back

Kim Taehyung

I went back to where my members are and they were all giving me the teasing look.

"Bwo?!" I ask

"Aniya hyung" The maknae replied

I just nod my head and eat my ice-cream.

"Taehyung I see you smiling all along huh?" J-Hope hyung came to me and gave me a teasing look.

"Ani...ya. I was just giving them the ice-cream that we bought." I denied

"Really? But why out of all the members, you pass it to the leader?" Jimin barge in.

"Uh since she's the leader?" I gave him a duh look.

J-Hope hyung and Jimin left me alone. I sigh in relieved. I look towards the girls and I could see Irene noona laughing while the two maknaes playing a prank on one of the members.

Bae Irene

"Unnie. That Taehyung guy keep on staring at you." The maknae look at me in a weird look.

I know that his been staring at me and honestly I kinda like it when he give his attention to me.

"Oh jinjja? Thanks for informing" I said to her

"Ah unnie. That's the reason why they call you halmeoni" Yeri joked.

"Yah! Bwo?!" I yelled her.

She giggled and ran away hiding behind Seulgi while Wendy and Joy laughing.

I look towards Bangtan and they were looking at us while smiling. I look towards Taehyung and he smiled at me , I smile back.

'The weird feeling when he smiled at me. Kim Taehyung what did you just do to my heart?'

 Kim Taehyung what did you just do to my heart?'

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Chapter 1

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