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Kang Seulgi

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Kang Seulgi

"Unnie! Have you seen the news?!" Yeri ask with a worried face.

I look at her confused. "Not yet why?"

She gave her phone to me and I read what is written. My heart breaks.

Breaking News: BTS Park Jimin is rumored to be dating with Apink Eunji. Fans saw the both of them at Han River walking together.

"Unnie do you want to talk to him and ask him why?" The little one ask.

"Not now Yerim. I need my time alone" I said and show a sad smile.

"Unnie. Do not jump into conclusion yet. Ask him to explain and clarify arraso?"

I nod my head.

If only I could tell the whole world that Park Jimin is mine. This thing would not happen.

Park Jimin

"Uh Park Jimin explain" Suga hyung said.

"Jiminnie pabo" Taehyung said and I shot him a glare.

"Jimin you got no jams. I bet Seulgi saw this" Namjoon hyung added in.

The rest of them crowd around me and look at me with an angry face.

"Bwo? It's not me. How am I that tall?"I ask.

They look at the photo again and look at me again.

"Oh hyung is true and since when your hair is brown and plus the date it's the date where we last did our comeback and the girls came to support" Jungkook said while zooming the picture.

I smile.

"But you're not done yet. You got to tell BigHit it's not true and your girlfriend."J-Hope hyung said.

I nod my head.

"I'm going to the girls dorm to talk with Seulgi bye" I went in my room and change my outfit.

Once I got out, I saw all of them ready too.

"We are not going to let you go alone incase another rumoured show up" Suga hyung said.

"Yea right. If you guys wants to meet your yeoja chingus just say" I said and some of them were already grinning.

"Kajja" Taehyung said.

Kang Seulgi

"Saw the news too. Seulgi ah you need to talk to Jimin." Irene unnie said.

Tears streaming down on my face while the rest of my members comfort me. We were talking when suddenly the doorbell rang.

"I will go get it" The little one said.

She went out to see when she suddenly yelled."Kookie oppa! you're here with the rest"

We went outside and all of them are here I look at Jimin and he was staring at me.

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